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Rain doesn’t dampen Thanksgiving

By The Staff

It’s 11:40 p.m. and I have just remembered it is Sunday and I must write the column. It has seemed like Sunday for the last four days. Specials and football games on TV have completely thrown me off. I’m not always the brightest bulb in the lamp when things go routinely, but throw in a four-day holiday and I am lost. Audrey pointed out to me in church this morning that I had left the “ine” off of Ernestine’s name last week I blamed it on the editor. I said my column was so long he had to cut somewhere. Sorry.

I also didn’t report that Joel Dufore and three of his workforce went to Italy week before last. They returned sometime last weekend. That is where the BCS equipment he sells and services is made. Wanda talked to him and said they toured business sites and did some sightseeing. They went to Parma, Italy, where Parmesan cheese is made — among other places. This was Joel’s third trip. But for Adam, his wife and Chris, it was a new experience. I think they were all suffering from jet lag for a few days though.

I think the drought is broken. We had 2 inches on the Branch Thursday, but drove to Goshen through a much harder rain. It flat poured on us all the way to Robbie’s and back. I heard later that they had nearly 4 inches along the Ohio River counties. We had a nice day after we got here though.

Johnny Bob is doing better and enjoyed the food and the family. I went with John and Bayley. I was really glad that John was driving when the rain got so hard. He and Bayley had their Thanksgiving dinner for her children on Friday. They invited me up for supper to help with the leftovers that evening.

I went to Teri’s on Saturday morning to visit with her. Sarah and Vincent were there for the holiday. They went home to Illinois Sunday.

Wanda said Joyce had her 80th birthday Friday. Noel Thomas and Kathy, Charles and Crystal, Barbara and Wanda took her out to eat then went to Lawrenceburg to dance. She said she really enjoyed the dancing. Wanda said she hoped she was still dancing when she turned 80.

The New-True Clan enjoyed Thanksgiving at Vanessa and Willis’ home. Willis’ mother, grandmother, his two brothers and their families were also in attendance. I should add Wilhoite to the group name. In spite of the rain, they enjoyed a good meal and fellowship. I don’t think anybody was too concerned about the rain. It was much-needed and one of the things I was thankful for.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to Fay. I know she was preparing for the Riddle family to come to her house this year. I’m sure they had a nice day, too.

Billy Ray said the official deer count thus far in this area is 29. There weren’t many bucks taken. I thought hunting season would be over at the end of November, but Wanda informed me that there are still plenty of deer for black-powder season in December.

Speaking of which, December is here. Christmas is less than a month away now. Josie had the church decorated this morning for the “Ho Ho Season.” I guess I will start removing the orange, and browns of fall tomorrow and bring out the reds, golds and greens of Christmas. It seems to come faster and I am less ready every year. I think the mild, sunny weather lulled me into a false sense of Indian summer. Time to get out the tinsel and holly and start shopping. If I stay focused I might make it.