Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

The Branch is as dry as I have seen it in the 33 years we’ve lived here. We did have a hard freeze one day last week but there was nothing to kill. The weeds, grass, and leaves have all dried up and turned to dust. John went to the woods on Thursday and cut the big tree that had been hit by lightning about three years ago. He cut it into burn lengths and we split it Saturday. It was a beautiful day to be out but it was so dry and dusty that we were both barely able to talk from the dust and sawdust in our throats. I hope the hunters are very careful. One cigarette butt could burn everything from here to Frankfort.

I talked to Fay tonight. They had been to Mount Sterling to Court Days, came back and spent the night with Jennifer in Lexington. I told her she had lost her touch. Usually when they go to the festivals it brings rain, but not this time.

Wanda said she had a very good trip to Austin, Texas. She and Leighanne walked for miles over the weekend. There was a lake near Leighanne’s house and they went kayaking and tried their hand at paddle boarding. Wanda said one stands on a board and propels said board with a long paddle. She said the lake was full of people on all sorts of nonmotorized forms of staying afloat. It must have been a restricted area where motor boats and jet skis weren’t used. Of course Wanda never goes anyplace that she doesn’t find somewhere to dance. Leighanne took her to “The Broken Spoke,” a well-known country dance club in the area. They were giving dancing lessons for the Texas two-step that night. She had a great time.

This was party weekend on the Branch. Charles Gregory had a band playing at Headgates. They cooked fish and had a pot of chili for the guests. They ate and danced the night away under the full moon and some camped overnight. She didn’t say if they were celebrating anything other than a beautiful harvest moon. A good time was had by all.

The Shimmeollers also hosted a party to celebrate the marriage of their good friends Connie May and Loren Curtis. The party was held in Charlie’s cabin without walls in the woods. They had a really good band “Toe Jam” and guests danced and had a great time. Joel brought out his hidden talent by playing “Wipe Out” on the drums. It was a real work-out for him because he hadn’t played the drums in some time. Trina’s husband Tim kept the crowd supplied with hot popcorn all night which was a big hit. Charlie really knows how to throw a party. Good music, good friends and a beautiful moon. What more could one ask.

The new water plant held an open house Friday. Wanda never misses a change to see new things and how they work so she went. She said it was quite an amazing operation. She took the tour along with Audrey and Rastus.

Rastus was at church Sunday morning and doing much better than last week. We are all thankful for that.

Another neighbor, Ron Holland, is having some serious health problems. His doctors are having a hard time figuring out exactly what is wrong with him. Say a prayer for guidance. When they pinpoint the problem, then they can treat it.

I went with Pat today to Robbie’s to visit Johnny Bob. He had recovered from the pneumonia and is feeling much better. We took a short trip to Smithfield to have a late lunch. It was really good to see him doing so well.

Some of the citizens of Monterey are having a “Pumpkin Decorating Event” from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the community center, T’s old store.” They are trying to get the community interested in making the old place into a real viable, place to come and sit, maybe have some games for children and a place to get acquainted with your neighbors. Stop by and talk to them and give them some of your ideas of what you would like to see done there.

Happy Halloween.