Kay’s Branch News

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By Bee Spicer

The creek was over my bridge again last week. This time we had three inches of rain in about two hours and it was about 23 inches above the floor of the bridge. The bridge held again but it needs a bit of help this time. As soon as John gets through with his painting, I’ll get him down here to do some minor repairs on it.

The 127 Yard Sale had pretty weather this year. I think all the New-True Clan had a place to display their wares. I know Billy Ballinger had a table at his house, as did Colby. Wanda was helping at her mother’s house. She said there was a world of shoppers. The last two days were pretty hot but everybody seemed to be having a good time. When it comes time to pack up the leftovers and cart it back home to store away, she always says she’ll never do it again, but she always does. She said Joyce got a good home for four kittens she had found under her porch.

Fay and Bruce didn’t have a booth this year. Instead they opted to go shopping themselves.

They went to Owenton early in the week, came home and started out on Thursday and went all the way to the Tennessee border. They got home Saturday. She said she bought a few things and missed out on a swing she admired on the way down. It was gone when they stopped on the return trip.

The Schimmoellers had their “Peas and Poetry” Tuesday evening. Wanda said they had a good turnout to spite the deluge of rain that day. She said there were 30 or so there. Earth Tools closed the first week of August for a blanket vacation for the workers. I think Joel and Chris were there to help with the gathering. They will be open again Monday.

Fay said she and Bruce went to Butler Park with Larry and Phyllis Atkins for dinner Sunday.

They drove by the golf course as they were going to the lodge. Phyllis wondered how they could play golf in the heat. Fay told her, if you’re a golfer, it’s never too hot to play. I am slowly educating her.

We had no church today. Our preacher called early Sunday morning to say she had pneumonia.

We hope she is better very soon and will be back with us next week.

John called last Wednesday and asked if I could follow him to Lexington that afternoon. His motorcycle was due for a check-up and Bayley was under the weather and didn’t feel like the drive up there. So I agreed to go. Mothers do that sort of thing. He gave me explicit instructions on how to get to the Harley Davidson place, which was out on the far side of Lexington. It was almost 2:30  p.m. by the time we left the Branch.

I did fine on the interstates 64-75 part of the trip, but by the time I got to the Man o’ War exit, I was tired and turned the wrong way and wound up in a strange shopping center. I had my cell phone and called John who got me turned around and back to where I was to meet him.

Mother always makes a side-trip when she doesn’t quite know where she is going. Anyway, they did the work and he retrieved the motorcycle Friday. When he went out to look it over, as he is prone to do most every evening, he found that he had a screw loose on the braking apparatus. He called Harley Davidson to tell them, because this particular screw had to be calibrated, whatever that means. They said not to touch it, they would send a man down to fix it. Sure enough, a mechanic showed up Saturday morning to do his thing, and he said, “No charge and have a nice day.” Now that’s what I call service.

I wonder if they make house calls for lawn mowers.