Kay’s Branch News

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By Bee Spicer

It was a very good week on the Branch. The weather continued to be very Octoberish. The leaves are gone. Even the Bradford pears have given up the fight, but they were a beautiful red this year. The splitter that we took to Mike’s a couple of weeks ago proved to be too much for even his expertise. Stony had it built in 1979. He had a friend, a cousin of Rube Goldberg, that put it together for him. The motor was used at the time. That was 30 years ago. The wee engine just died. It had been a good and faithful servant but enough was enough. We could buy new, not an option, give up burning wood, another not, or rebuild it. John pulled it home Saturday morning. Joel and a friend of his, who is also a cousin of Rube Goldburg, will buy a new motor and attempt to put all the parts and pieces back as they were, or a reasonably facsimile thereof.

I went to Frankfort to the pro shop to play dominos Wednesday. It was good to see my friends again. I had to quit a bit early to join John and Bayley for lunch at Applebee’s. It was a small celebration of my birthday, which fell on Thursday. Brett McDonald was standing at our table when I arrived. He was just leaving the restaurant. It was very nice to see him, too. Friday was card day. I went to Virginia Luscher’s for the afternoon. It had been a month since we had last met, the sun was shining and we had a great time. Friends are a precious gift at my stage in life. 

A sad note to the week was the passing of Betty Lou Kemper. We had been friends since both of us were newly married. She and Charles Ray lived across the street from T’s big house that burnt recently. Our children played together, Bobby was near Ann’s age and Donna Ray was a big sister to them all. After they moved we kind of lost touch but continued to see them at the golf course or run into them at them at various places. We never quite lost touch. Betty Lou was in the bridge club in Owenton when I joined it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to the funeral home Tuesday to say goodbye and pay my respects to Donna Ray, Bobby and Sandy. I knew that Betty Lou has been sick for several years and in a lot of distress the last couple of years. She was once a good friend and remained a very friend, and I shall miss her. My sympathy to the children and her extended family.

Saturday was a good day for the home team. Both the basketball team and the football team won their games. You can’t write that down very often. Go Big Blue.

Sunday was almost “too much fun.” Catherine Raisor had her 90th birthday on that day. Mike and Charlene went to Frankfort and brought her down to church. That was her wish: to attend church at “home church” again. She didn’t know but Mike had arranged a mini-birthday for her afterward and invited his family. His daughter, Tammy, and two of her children were there, as was Rastus and Ernestine McDonald and Mike’s older brother, Douglas, and his wife. There were several other guests, too. Peggy Thomas was spending the day with Lou Ann and came to church with her. With guests and regulars, we had a church full. It felt very festive. Catherine was very pleased and surprised when they said there would be cake in the basement for our honored guest. It’s so nice when a good plan comes together. Unfortunately, I could only make a token appearance because Ann, Tutt and I had a previous engagement in Louisville to see a matinee. I had to get home and see to the pups and hie away to Frankfort.

On Saturday, I made a trip to Monterey to pick up the church’s mail. When I turned on to Hwy. 897 on the way home, there stood a very lost little beagle. He had a collar but no name or address. He looked so lost. I was sure someone had dropped him because I could tell he was old. I said a prayer and drove on and hoped he wouldn’t get run over. That evening when my crew gathered on the stoop at sun room, I let Rowdy and Sandy in and there stood the abandoned beagle, scratching to get in, too. I couldn’t leave him there, so I took him through the house and put him in the garage. As I came home Sunday, there was a small red truck cruising the road. I thought “deer hunter” but when we got to my driveway, they signaled to turn in. He had seen the beagle with my zoo in the driveway. It seems it belonged to a friend of his and they had been hunting him since Saturday. Prayers are answered. I didn’t want to call the dog warden on Monday and I just couldn’t adopt another dog. “Snoopy” went back to a grateful master and I was off the hook.

The matinee ran long but I was back to Old Cedar by 6:10 to have supper with the attendees of the Beast Feast, and get to enjoy the second half of the music. And it was a joy. I can’t mention the names of all the singers and musicians, but they were all very good and when they counted at the end of the service there were at least eight local churches in attendance, both Baptist and Christian. The service closed with a circle of prayer.

It was a true Thanksgiving of a community of like-minded people.

We wish to extend our sympathy to Josie Hazlet and her family. Her mother, Mrs. Lowe, passed away this week.

John and Tona  Harrod had a get-together at their home Saturday night. We were all invited but for various reasons we weren’t able to attend. I’m sure everybody who did get there had a good time. John H. always give a good party.

Remember the supper at the fire house will be at 6 p.m.  Saturday. If you still have any room, there will be more good food and hopefully some music to help you digest. That’s it from the Branch.