Kay’s Branch News: Time for the March lion to take a hike

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By Bee Spicer

Everyone who lives in Kentucky knows that the weather here can be fickle, but this is ridiculous.
After a beautiful spring day and 70 degrees on Saturday, Sunday was a real bummer.
Wanda said Ray had gathered a can of nightcrawlers and was planning to go fishing, but that plan was snowed out. I saw them, dressed in padded coveralls walking up the road Sunday afternoon toward his sister’s house instead.
We did have church. After canceling a time or two in January and February, we finally just gave up and braved the snow. We had a church full and four guests from Frankfort Christian Church. Sarah was an associate preacher there before she came to us.
Scott’s sister Patricia Ballard Roberts brought three of her friends down to hear Sarah preach.
Everybody was sick of being stuck inside and decided to brave the elements. It was a very good service. Fay said they also braved the elements and had services too.
The Monterey Fire Department’s chili supper benefit was well attended. I had mentioned it at the end of the column last week, but that seemed to have fallen off into space some where. There was music played by Vernon House and friends, good weather donated by Mother Nature and a very good time for everyone there after a long, cold winter. The money raised was split between Rastus McDonald and Vernon Smoot for medical costs.
Josie Hazlett, her sons Adam and Andrew and grandchildren Cayden and Brayden went to New Albany, Ind. last weekend to visit her sister-in law and her nephew Tommy Patton. They had a very nice visit and went out to eat on Saturday evening. It had been some time since Josie had seen them and it was very good to get together again.
Cole Stamper celebrated his 33rd birthday this week. He is Sue’s oldest child. I’ve known him since before he was born and now he has a baby of his own.
Brandon Hall turned 13 a week or so ago. His parents took him to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate, an indoor water park in northern Kentucky.
Patrick New had a birthday on the same day but he was not 13. He has a few more years on him.
Wanda said they called at the funeral home last week to visit the family of Billy Tuggle. He was one of the group that used to go to 6 Mile to dance. He was only 48. Our sympathy goes out to his family.
While they were in Owenton, they went out to the Smith House to have supper and see how Billy O’Banion was doing.
They were very impressed. They enjoyed his pulled pork supper very much. They went on to Frankfort and Wanda being the food person that she is noticed that Shoney’s had closed. She also mentioned Gatti’s Pizza, but that has been closed for a long time. I guess she’s not a fan of pizza.
Fay said they went to a gun and knife show in Lexington and made a trip to get their taxes done.
Mostly they just stayed at home and enjoyed the nice weather last week. I managed to get mine done this week too and for the first time Bob, my tax man, efiled it. I hope it isn’t lost somewhere out there in space.
Ray and Jean’s sister Patty and her granddaughter Fury have been visiting from South Carolina. Fury is living with Patty while her parents, who are marine drill sergeants are deployed.
Ann looked at the calendar and the nice weather last week and got the bug to house clean and paint. She and her friend Fred went to Lowe’s and bought gallons and gallons of paint, pulled out all the furniture and masked the woodwork and started to paint this weekend.
Then the weather turned on them and the front doors had to be closed and the smell of fresh paint now permeates the premises. Oh, she has her job to go back to and the apartment in town to live in till they can get back to it. I’m thinking maybe late April.