Kay’s Branch News: Things starting to slow down here on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

It really feels like fall this morning. We had three inches of rain over the weekend but missed the bad storms and heavy rain. We did manage to get a load of wood split, hauled in and stacked in the wood shed on Saturday afternoon, but that was the extent of my nod to “gathering nuts for the winter” this week.
Fay said they did get the Soup Sunday at church in before the rain ran them inside. She said there was a very good crowd and plenty of soup. They were going to start their wood gathering this week but would wait till the woods dried a bit.
I went to bridge club on Tuesday, I won high. I wish I would remember which of my pills was the smart “smart pill.” My bridge talents usually run to the vast middle ground and warming the eighth chair. I did learn that Mary Ann Cobb had been back to her surgeon for a knee checkup and was doing well. We hope she will be back with us soon.  
I heard from Wanda this morning. She and Ray have been on a driving trip for over two weeks. They are in Ray’s truck and took camping gear so they could camp if the weather permitted. They went east to West Virginia and then turned up the coast. One of their must-see places was the U.S. Capitol. She called me this morning to tell me they were on their way home and were expecting to be back Monday afternoon. She said they did go to Washington D.C., had beautiful weather the whole trip and made it all the way to Maine. I will have a more in-depth report next week. She was on a cell phone and I hadn’t had my second cup of coffee so communication was a bit fuzzy.
We had a very good crowd at church Sunday, in spite of the rain. Mike and Charlene had gone to Frankfort to visit Catherine Raisor, his great aunt. She is nearly 95 now and is still living alone. Other than that there was no bad news reported nor birthdays. So I will just say happy birthday to all the October babies.
Stony would have had a birthday on the 16th.
I will be going to Wheatley on Wednesday to join the Frankfort Juniper Hills Wednesday Ladies Club.
They will be playing golf and I will have lunch and visit with them. I am sorry to say my golfing days are over.
Football ruled the TV this weekend but I did manage to watch the President’s Cup, between rain delays. The Americans prevailed over the Internationals, but it wasn’t a runaway. There was some very good golf played on both sides considering the deluge of rain the course took. I get my golf fix on TV now.
I did get the house turned from summer colors to the orange, gold and browns of fall this week. I love the fall colors as much as the red and green of Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, the holiday season is approaching quickly. The stores have barely gotten the Halloween displays out before the “elves” start putting out Christmas displays. I do not wish to think about that now.
Have a good week.