Kay’s Branch News: Thanksgiving means family time down here

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By Bee Spicer

It seems the year comes and goes faster every year. I have hardly put away the lawn mower and I’m changing the house from the beautiful fall colors to the red, green and gold of Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas, can you believe it’s less than a month away?
Deer season is over. The guns are quiet and the hunters have departed for parts unknown. Wanda said the hunting cabin group tagged 34. Even with the mild weather, they did well. She said that was that many less for her to run into on her early-morning trip to Owenton, but she won’t have to worry about that much longer. By the time this is published she will be a “free woman.” Her last day is Tuesday.
She said Earl and Linda New, of the New Café at Gratz had a retirement dinner, chili and sandwiches, for her on Saturday evening. A lot of her mail customers and several friends were there. Ray went with her. John Stewart will be the mail person for route two.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. First I must correct another error. When I asked about the football game Sunday before last at church and Mike said they won, I was laboring under the impression they were playing Tennessee and it was the last game of the season. I found out in mid-week that was not the case. They didn’t play Tennessee till this week and lost - again. Football season is finally over and we can concentrate on basketball now.
Thanksgiving was well received on the Branch.
Fay said she had 29 guests for dinner. A few couldn’t make it but all the rest had a great time. Jennifer was at home and as soon as the extended family said their goodbyes, she went to Walmart to join the Gray Thursday shoppers. Fay said she got home about the time she and Bruce were getting up. They were getting ready to go to Lexington to the gun and knife show. When I called this morning they were preparing to take Jennifer to catch a plane to Chicago. It seems she had written a paper about a radiology case she had and posted it on the Internet. It caught the attention of some VIPs and she was invited to a conference in Chicago to read her paper. It’s a great experience for Jennifer but for Fay, not so much. She is not pleased that her baby chick will be traveling the “EL” in Chicago alone. Good luck Jennifer and a safe trip home.
Wanda spent some time at the airport this week too. Her niece Leighanne Behan from Austin, Texas flew in to have Thanksgiving with family here. She picked her up on Thursday and they went to lunch at Paul and Joyce Cooke’s to visit that side of the family. Vanessa and Willis had the New-True clan, so they went there for dinner and she got to see that side of the family too.
Ray spent the holiday weekend fishing, so they took Leighanne along one day to try her luck.
Now I live in Kentucky and it was too cold for me to fish and being from Texas, I’d have thought that she would be frozen, but Wanda said she had a great time and actually caught a fish.
Another milestone and happy news, Joyce got to go to church at Old Cedar on Sunday. She had been house bound for three weeks. She’s well on her way to recovery. I learned at church Sunday that A.W. Downey is in the hospital in serious condition. He is a long-time resident of Monterey. Our prayers go out to him and all those who were sick and couldn’t enjoy the holiday.
I had a very nice birthday and got lots of calls from friends, emails from cousins and cards from close relatives. Ann and I went to John’s Thursday for the Thanksgiving feast. We had ours around 5 p.m. Teri and Ray went to Rachel’s and Pat to her brother, Robbie’s. We had just finished eating when Pat stopped on her way home to Nicholasville. Ray and Teri and the grandchildren came by in about 20 minutes on their way home, so we had a very nice visit with all of them. Vincent had come down from his home in Illinois on Wednesday. It was nice to see him too. He has grown a foot since I saw him last summer. He’s as tall as I am, but I was as tall as I am when I was 11 too. I hope he continues to grow. The little ones were going home with their grandparents so their parents could join the rest of the shoppers in line at Walmart to get the bargains promised in all the ads. Somehow, that’s not the way I would celebrate Thanksgiving, but I am old and need my sleep.
It was a very good holiday for our family. No long drives to take and have to return. I just drove a 100 yards up the road and coasted home. I got to see all my children and great grandchildren. I feel very blessed.