Kay’s Branch News: Sun and warmth brings some life back to Branch

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By Bee Spicer

I must first begin with a clarification in last week’s column. I sent it in and then remembered I had skipped a paragraph of Wanda’s news. I sent Molly an email asking her to insert said paragraph, proceeded to type it as Wanda had sent it using “I” instead of Wanda’s name. I haven’t been in Georgetown in 10 years.
The Wednesday Ladies Golf Club played golf there. It was Wanda who was driving in Georgetown and spotted the going out of business sign. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I were driving through. I never take my eyes off the road when I drive. I have a tendency to drive the direction that I am looking and that is not a good thing, and I wouldn’t have stopped if I had. I have more bits and pieces of small hardware in my garage than I will ever use. So that is cleared up.
Last week was wonderful. I think everybody on the Branch got out and about. I managed to get out of the basement and got the rose bush trimmed back and the bed cleaned out. Wanda and Ray took advantage of the good weather and rode bicycles to Joyce’s house and back. It’s nearly eight miles, but when you get to 127, it’s downhill all the way to Old Cedar Church and you can coast to Joyce’s house from there. Fay said she has been enjoying the great weather too. She was out raking leaves and getting her flower beds ready for new plantings. They tried fishing on Tuesday. Barbara and her grandson Micah went with them but the water must have been too cold still because nobody got a bite. Undaunted, Ray cooked rabbit instead. They went to his friends Glen and Jan Franklin’s on Saturday night and played dominos till midnight. That’s a game that can go on forever if you have the stamina. She said they had a lot of fun. Sunday evening they visited with his cousin Ollie. His son and granddaughter were there too. When they looked out they saw that spring had faded and winter was back. It was snowing. There was about an inch on the ground. So they said their goodbyes and started home. Wanda said by the time they got to the Monterey hill there was no snow on the road nor much on the fields, but it was getting much colder.
Saturday was our play at the Center for the Arts in Louisville. The sun was shining but it was cold. We saw “Ghost” and pronounced it very well done. We enjoyed it. Rosemary asked me what we thought of the play when I mentioned it on Sunday at church. Her niece had seen it on Saturday too and didn’t get much out of it. She found it very confusing. I told her both Ann and I had seen the movie and knew the plot so it was easy for us to follow it on stage, but I could see how someone who hadn’t seen the movie could get confused. She was wanting to go see it so I told her she could borrow my DVD. So if you are planning to see the show at the “Arts” get a copy of the movie and watch it first.
Saturday was also Catlin’s third birthday. Rachel goes all out for the kids birthdays. She decorates and has very elaborate cakes decorated. Teri said they kept Catlin away from the house all morning so she wouldn’t get in the way and be too excited to enjoy the party. Ray (that’s our Ray Perkins) took her to the game farm to see the animals and walk her around a bit. Teri said the party was a big success and the Birthday Girl enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t have any more birthdays on my list this week, so happy birthday to all the March babies out there.
I saw in the obits last week that June Dawson Woods had died. She was a member of my graduating class of ‘49, in the old Owenton High School. She and Boyce married right after graduation, as did a lot of the girls in my class including me, and they moved out of the county, so I saw very little of her after that, but you never really forget the kids you have spent 4 years with in the beginning of your adult life. There aren’t many of us left now. To June’s family and friends we send our sympathy on your loss.
We are back to winter at the moment, but Thursday is the first day of Spring. There’s bound to be  warm weather out there somewhere.