Kay’s Branch News: Still plenty of play days left this season

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By Bee Spicer

Good morning, though it’s wet and cloudy on the Branch this morning. I will be stuck at home. John brought the news on Friday that the road crew had moved its equipment in and would start paving our road Monday morning. The trucks have already gone up the road; though it’s hardly light out.
I had a great week last week, busy every day, so I can afford to stay home one day to have our road blacktopped.
We started working in wood on Monday last. John loaded the trailer with most of the wood left from last year and brought it over to stack under the screened in porch. We then cleaned out the woodshed and relayed the roofing strips to put the new wood on. We went out into the woods that afternoon and begun to spot the downed tree limbs from last spring’s storms and the standing dead ones to be dropped.
Wednesday was the golf outing at Wheatley. A total of 21 women signed up and 21 showed up, even though the weather wasn’t exactly golfing friendly. By the time we teed off, the sun had come out and we were all dressed in everything we owned so the cold wasn’t a factor. It turned out to be a great day for golf. The cold, thin air made the ball go further and having to walk so much at Fairway kept us warm.
As usual, Gilbert had our carts ready and the lady in the pro shop was ready with our lunch cards and pie selections. It was a very good day. I had planned to make this my “swan song” for golf and hang up my clubs this year, but I had such a good time and finished 18 holes without needing CPR, so I may play again next spring. Thanks to The Fairway crew for making out outing a success again this year.
Wouldn’t you know it, Thursday dawned fair and mild. We went back to working in wood and hauled in a trailer load and a half and split it on Friday.
While we were waiting for it to warm a bit and dry off on Thursday I managed to get all the windows washed in the sunroom. I don’t know where this spurt of energy came from but it feels good.
Wanda went with Barbara to her 45th high school reunion on Saturday at Elk Creek Winery. Wanda, being a people person, was in her element. She saw Mary Riddle, who was her good friend in high school. Mary had brought her sister Betty Johnson as her guest. Betty is a neighbor of Bruce and Fay. Gene Miller was there. He hadn’t been to one of their class reunions before. He is living in Nashville and singing with a touring gospel group. He lost his wife Linda earlier this year. Wanda said it was a great evening, good food catered by the Sisterly Touch, lots of laughter and fond memories of the days that were. She said all had a good time.
Saturday was another play day for us. I am not liking this new schedule. They discontinued our 2:30 p.m. matinee and bumped our play up to 4 p.m. The play was long and dreary, A Long Day’s Journey into Night by Eugene O”Neal. There wasn’t a laugh or a bit of relief from the dismal plot of addiction in it. We didn’t get out of the theater till after 7:15 p.m. and it was nearly 9 p.m. before we were back to the Branch. My zoo thought I had deserted them.
The parking area at the new boat ramp at Elmer Davis Lake has been paved and painted boat trailers. Wanda said it really looked good. They will start on the new boat ramp at Gratz soon.
Speaking of Gratz, the New Café had a rush of business this week. General Motors was cruising the new 2013 Buicks from Detroit to Elk Creek Winery. Their first pit stop was the New Café. It seems this took several days. There were 35 people for coffee and pastries for several days last week. Gratz was really booming for a while.
This was the Mount Sterling Court Days weekend. Wanda and Ray met cousins, Olllie, Lola, Sarah, and Elbe and made the trip to Preston, and then Mount Sterling on Sunday. Preston is a little town before you get to Mount  Sterling that was having the same type festival. She said the wind nearly blew them away. I can attest to that. I had left a driving glove at Fairway Wednesday and called to say I would pick it up after church on Sunday. Not a good decision. I was nearly blown off the road and I drive a heavy van. It cost me more to retrieve one glove than to have bought a new pair, but they were they were mother’s gloves and they were not replaceable.
I hope the road people don’t get rained out and finish today. I have bridge on Tuesday and I’d hate to go all the way to Peaks Mill and back to 127 and to Owenton.