Kay’s Branch News: Someone is looking out for me

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By Bee Spicer

After the big weekend last week, I kind of coasted all last week.
Friday, I awoke to a problem with my garage door. I leave it suspended a couple of feet above the ground to let Shadow and Traveler go in and out and for the garage to cool at night. When I attempted to lower it, it wouldn’t answer the command. It would raise a little then go back down. When John stopped a little later in the morning, I told him my troubles. He was on the outside and realized immediately what was wrong. The cable was off its roller. He went online and found a garage repair place and made an appointment for them to come that afternoon. The lady called me for confirmation and the price of the call and I said “That’s fine. I’ll be here all afternoon.”
At 12:10, as I was getting ready to eat my lunch I got call from my friend Virginia, asking if something was wrong. I was to pick her up at 11:30 to go to Frankfort and play Hand and Foot at Gladys A’s house. I had neglected to write it down on my calendar and if it’s not on the calendar, it just doesn’t get done. I have never before forgotten a card game. Maybe other things like doctors appointments but never cards. I did get there and had a very nice afternoon. The repair man and John got to my house at about the same time so that chore was completed and John paid him. Somebody up there is looking out for me because I’m not doing such a good job lately.
Wanda said she had been busy all week but not really news worthy. This was the Relay for Life weekend. She said she didn’t get to go but Wilma O’Banion took part on the Itron team. Wanda hadn’t heard how much money they raised. Wanda doesn’t have her own garden this year but if you run a mail route there is always someone who is over stocked with veggies. She was given yellow squash this week. She was surprised at how quickly the gardens were coming on. We got about a quarter inch of rain on Sunday. Everything is still looking green but we really need more to keep those vegetables coming.  
Wanda also reported that Joyce was feeling much better and was dancing again. There was a gathering of the local motorcycle club at Head Gates Saturday evening. Wanda said they went down to hang out with the campers and enjoy the bond fire and fellowship. The bikers had been on a long ride that day and were ready to just rest and enjoy the evening.
Sunday’s Father’s Day service was very nice. Our new minister had a previous commitment when she agreed to come to our church. So she sent her father to fill in for her. He is a delightful man and a good speaker. Pat came from Nicholasville to attend church sand we went to Robbie’s afterwards for a late lunch and to visit with Johnny Bob. Robbie had gotten him out of the nursing home to spend the Father’s Day afternoon with his family. It was a very nice afternoon. Robbie is  planning on bringing him home to his house next weekend, if nothing else, health wise occurs this week. We’ve all got our fingers crossed. Say a prayer of healing for him.
I heard from my cousin Ellen this week too. She had her spinal operation on Monday and came through with flying colors. I got a call Saturday saying she was at home and almost pain free.
Mike Raisor said he would have a birthday on the 19th. He was getting born on the day I got married. Father’s Day, 1949. John also had a wedding anniversary on the 15th of this month. I know there are many, many others, so congratulations and happy birthday to all those who are celebrating this week.
June is almost over and summer will be officially here on this day. It is the longest day of the year and on Thursday the days will start getting shorter and it’s downhill all the way to fall. So get out and enjoy this weather while you can.