Kay’s Branch News: A slow week on The Branch

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By Bee Spicer

Didn’t really have much to write about this week. It was kind of a lost weekend. Wanda didn’t send any news and my life was nothing to write home about either.
Bruce and Fay did get the hay, such as it was, cut and rolled.
The barn martins left about the 30th but I had several things that week and didn’t mention it.
The humming birds have just about gone, too. Labor Day weekend is over and so is UK’s less-than-stellar football game. The less said about that the better.
Fall is officially here, no matter what the calendar says. We had church Sunday, sans preacher. We finally called to see what was wrong and woke him. His wife and son were out of town and nobody was there to wake him up and point him towards Monterey. It happens to all of us at one time or another.
John brought in the first tree log to the wood lot this weekend, so I guess we will be cutting and splitting wood before long. We did get enough rain to wash off the sidewalk.
We had a small disturbance  the other night. I was just about to find out who the murderer was on Masterpiece Theater when John called. ADT called to tell him Ann’s house alarm was going off. He is her person to go to when that happens. He, in turn, called me because I have the keys to the gate and garage door opener to get into to her house. So I went and picked him up and we went to roust out the burglar. The gate was still locked, the garage door hadn’t been disturbed, but when we opened the garage door the basement door had been shoved open. It seems her dog, Jack, has learned to open it and let himself into the basement. So we locked up again and put the dogs out of the garage and re-closed everything and came home.
Now I will never know how my mystery turned out until it is in rerun next year.
That’s about it from the Branch this week.