Kay’s Branch News: Season to stay glued to TV

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By Bee Spicer

This has been a very disjointed morning.
I received Wanda’s news she had sent last night. I called Fay and talked to her and was getting ready to copy off Wanda’s email when she called to ask if I had received it.
We talked a while and I went to the sun room to get a note I had made about a lady who had called in mid-week. I talked to Wanda and looked but the scrap of paper I had put Rosemary “Hawkins” Gaines’ name on was missing.
When I got back to the kitchen, the email with Wanda’s news was gone. The two others were there but no “Wanda” news.
I hate computers.
So I shall just do the best with what I have to work with.
Spring finally arrived. Wanda and Ray went to the lake and put the paddle boat in and caught the first fish of the year. They also cleaned and trimmed the shrubs and planted some more around the cabin on the lake.
Ray had plowed his garden and put in some snow peas. Bruce plowed last fall and Fay got some onions planted too.
The growing season is under way.
I let the fire go out during those pretty mild days and watched basketball. My gardening days are over.
Fay said Nichole Roberts passed her Bible drill test on Sunday with 100 percent. She got her choice of places to eat and picked Longhorn Steak House in Frankfort. The whole congregation went out to lunch and had a great time. The food was good too.
I got a phone call mid-week from a lady who identified herself  as Rosemary. That was the scrap of paper I was looking for when I was talking to Wanda. She said she had been a regular reader of the Kay’s Branch News for years. She grew up and lives in another part of the county. She said she didn’t really know the people I write about but she just enjoyed the column. She is my age and we found we had people we knew in common. It was very nice of her to call and I enjoyed talking to her. Since she is my age she will understand how one can misplace a scrap of paper, but she will know who she is and I thank her for her kind words.
Charity is in Indiana at her parent’s home this week. Her mother is very ill and she has done up to help her family. The Zeigler family could use your prayers this week. John went up to take her some things and spent Sunday with them.
Wanda said Ray was a pallbearer at a double funeral  in Frankfort on Thursday. Both husband and wife passed away and were buried together. Wanda didn’t give their names.
That’s as far as I had read when she called and the “wee machine” deleted the rest.
I have only two birthdays this week. Both my granddaughters, Sarah and Rachel, were born the last week of March. They’re both in their 30s and have children of their own now. Teri and Ray were going to Indiana to pick up Sarah’s son Vincent on Sunday. He will spend his spring break week with them.
I spent the weekend glued to the TV, watching the tournament. I managed to drag UK through by the tips of my fingernails.  I don’t think I could have made it through another overtime.  I’m getting too old for this.