Kay’s Branch News: Rain won’t stop us from getting out

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By Bonnie Strassell

Woke to a beautiful  Monday morning. There was 3 inches of rain in the gauge this morning.
Wanda said Noel Thomas said that’s what his gauge read in Monterey and Fay agreed, so the downpour of late Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday and beyond must have been pretty wide spread.
Ann and I braved the dire predictions and went to Louisville to see a play at the Brown Theater Sunday afternoon. We say “Tom Jones,” a farce based on Thomas Hardy’s book, was a fun way to spend a gloomy afternoon.
We were home by 6 p.m.  and out of the elements. I guess the 23.000 or so UK fans didn’t get the message because Rupp Arena was full. One must have their priorities. UK basketball come H---or high water.
I left out a bit of Wanda’s news last week because the column was running too long. She said Brian New had tried his hand at circle racing at the Owen County demolition derby a week or so ago. It seems the cars race in a circle for 15 laps and see who can finish first without their cars being bumped out of the race.
Brian finished fourth out of 24 cars. He ran the same car in three races but said he wasn’t sure it would finish a fourth. The cars get pretty bashed up. I have no idea why boys and men like to do this but I wouldn’t have the nerve to try.
Wanda said it wasn’t her thing either and she’s a lot braver then me,. Congratulations for trying Brian.
Oh, the No. 7 was left out of the deer in the pasture paragraph last week. There were eight there this weekend. The rain pretty much washed out the hunting for this weekend but they still have one more weekend to go.
Fay said Jennifer took her and Nichole to Lexington last week for a day of shopping. They had a great time cruising the malls and having lunch together.
She and Bruce had gotten out early last Monday to go visit her brother Ronald who is in the hospital. As they were cutting through Kay’s Branch, there was all their cattle standing by the fence at the barn waiting to cross into the pasture across the road. Cows, like deer, recognize seasons and have built-in memories when things are supposed to be done.
So they went back to the house, changed into work clothes, returned and moved the cows across the road. The cows just know when they are ready to move.
Fay said they had a birthday celebration last week for her brother Ronald and the whole family was there. Her other brother had a birthday the week before. This is the month for birthdays.
Barbara gave a family luncheon for her granddaughter Jessica on Sunday. She will be 17 on on the 17th.
Abe Claxon was at church on Sunday with his dad Lanny. He turned 17 on Saturday.
Sue reported that her granddaughter Lucca will be 1 on Monday. Charlene Raison and Catherine Raisor have birthdays this week as does Joyce Hammond Wanda’s mother  and me. Catherine will be 94, but the rest of us are not telling. Tammy Harrod is also celebrating her 22nd wedding aniversery this week.
Wanda went to Danny Cook’s visitation on Tuesday. She and Danny were their neighbors when the lived on O’Banion Lane and went to the same church.
She saw their old pastor Morris Trayner and his wife Roberta, whom she hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years. As you get to be our age, funerals are where you meet old friends again.
Wanda  and Ray were invited to yet another birthday party on Saturday night at the Capital Plaza. It was held by the Road Runners Motorcycle Club. She didn’t say who the guest of honor was but did say they got in a dance or two and an invitation to join the Club. They are looking for new members.
So to all the aforementioned and the rest of you who have birthdays in November - Happy Birthday and many, many more.