Kay’s Branch News: Plenty of fun despite cool weather

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By Bee Spicer

Kitty Sallee called last week to invite me to an unexpected bridge party at the Smith House last week. We had agreed at our Christmas bridge date that we would not play again till March, so this was a real treat.  It was a very cold but sunny Tuesday. We met at 12:30 p.m. for lunch. Pat brought Betty Marston to have lunch with us. It was so good to see her out and looking so well. I also saw Lou Ann come in with her grandson Chad to have lunch too.
After a nice meal, we retired to the rear of the restaurant to play two tables of bridge all afternoon. It made for a very nice way to spend a cold January afternoon.
Josie and Janice Atha went to Lexington to visit Scott Atha last week. Josie said he was doing well and still working at the restaurant. She said they has a fun afternoon. Scott was always entertaining. He came home with them and made them his famous Ruben sandwiches. It’s good to know he’s doing OK.
We had the installation of the search committee at church this morning. We will be needing a preacher again this May, but we can no longer count on the Seminary in Lexington to furnish us with students. They are going to an “on-line” curriculum when this class of students graduate in May. It is going to be very hard for small churches like ours to find ministers. The young man we have now has been working with us to form a plan and a program to look for help. We will be starting a workshop Nov. 29 called “Power of Presence,” which will be open to the community, to help us get more comfortable with reaching out to those in need of comfort and support.
The tragedies that have hit our area the last couple of weeks has caught some of us unprepared to know how to help those who are facing sudden loss. I will know more about the program and time schedule next week.
After being in all week feeding the fire, Ann and I decided to go to Lexington to a matinee and lunch on Saturday. We stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up a few things and got into the worst crowd I’ve seen since Christmas Eve. I think everyone waited till after the ball game to get their weekend groceries. Speaking of the ballgame, I am glad I was at the movie during the second half.  I would have had a heart attack. I’m getting too old for these squeakers.
I didn’t hear from Wanda or Fay this week and nobody reported any birthdays this morning at church. I did have one odd thing happen to me this week though. My phone by the bed rang about 5:58 a.m. Tuesday morning. I answered it by the second ring but there was no one there. The line was open but there was no responding “hello”. I hung up, thinking someone had dialed a wrong number and went back to sleep.
At 9 a.m., I got a call from Billy Meringer  in Monterey. He said Bee did you get a phone call about 5:59 this morning? I said , Yes. He said “That was me. I got up early and discovered I was out of cigarettes and went to Don’s store to get a pack. I put my cell in my back pocket and when I checked it a little while ago your number came up. I must have “buttdialed’ you by mistake.”
He assured me that was a legitimate term. He apologized profusely for waking  me. I told him not to worry.
I figured it must have been a wrong  number. I didn’t know you could accidently dial somebody but Ann assured me that a lot of men carry their cells in the hip pocket and do it.
You learn something new every day.