Kay’s Branch News: A new ‘dog house’ opens on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

The Super Bowl has come and gone for another year. I am not a great fan of football so I opted for “Downton Abby,” but I did catch the tail end of it. I got all the gory details from Fay.
She and Jennifer taped the commercials so as not to miss Adam’s Coors commercial, but unless it was scheduled during the black out, he didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was meant for just the west coast. I’ll have to get Wanda to call him and clarify.
I got all the excitement I needed from the University of Kentucky  basketball game on Saturday. I’ll swear, those kids are going to make an old woman out of me.
Oops, too late, I’m already an old woman, but they did pull it out, so maybe there’s hope.
Wanda said she had no news this week. She has enjoyed staying at home. She did go to Ray’s farm and help monitor a cow that was expecting at any minute. Cows always seem to drop their calves in the worst weather. Fay said they were doing the same thing. They were going to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday on Friday but the weather psyched her out and she stayed in Lexington and they celebrated via telephone.
Fay had already thawed the turkey so she cooked it and she and Bruce will be dining on turkey all week.
We didn’t have church Sunday. The cold and roads were the major factor.
Fay said they called off church too because their preacher had the flu.
I called cousin Margaret Sunday afternoon to see how she was doing and found her still in the hospital. She sounded better. She said if she continued to improve she was scheduled to get home on this Thursday. She said her heart was just fine but she can’t shake this flu-like “what ever it is” problem she has.
I saw in the Lexington paper obits that J.W. Swigert had died. When I was talking to Wanda I asked her if he was Clint’s father. She said no, he was John’s father. John runs  Route 6. He was also Carol’s father. She was the one who met Wanda and Ray at the dock and took them to her house. To all the Swigert family, we extend our sympathy.
Since news is scarce this week, I will tell you about the “dog house.”
I mentioned back in the fall that Wanda had sold the lot and acreage it to the “preacher” who came to Owen County from Whitesburg to hunt in the fall. He had built a small cabin on the hill behind the hunting shack on Cedar Creek Road.
His dog got ran over while he was down here a few years ago and he had been bugging her to sell to him ever since.
So about the end of October a crew moved in and built a humongous steel fence as tall as I am right in the middle of that field, complete with a gate but left out two sections of it on the lower end.
John said “with the size of that penned area, it must be for a very big dog house to be brought in.”
Well, I was going to bridge last week and that morning a lowboy came up the road with a big white shed roofed structure.
I thought, “there comes the dog house.” When I got home, sure nuff, there it was inside the fence. I called John and said “The dog house has arrived, but they have left it off the ground and leaning on jacks.” The next morning here came another part of “the dog house” and a crew to put it together with the first piece. The dog house morphed into the cutest little  double wide house I have ever seen. When that man comes to hunt he is going to have all the amenities. He’s put in a meter and ran a water line to it. No electricity yet but by the time the men got it finished and put siding all around, it’s one of the nicest houses on the road, but we have thought of it as “the dog house” for so long that it will always be The Dog House to us.