Kay’s Branch News: Neighbors help neighbors

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By Bee Spicer

This has been a great week, weather-wise. We had a fine day for golf Wednesday. It would have been good weather to mow, but with the prediction of no rain for at least eight days, I decided to hold off on the mowing. I only did the yard around the old house and that looked like a hay field when I got done.
We had good weather for the clean-up in Monterey, too. Mike Raisor came Friday with his back hoe and dump truck and took a truck load of ash and debris off and broke up the unburned flooring so we could pick up the stuff and haul it off Saturday. We were working on the house of the Robert Gilbert family who lost their house last December. There were 12 to 15 people including Mr. Gilbert and his family loading all manner of building material and burnt bits and pieces. I took my pickup truck and Mr. Gilbert had a lowboy to put the large pieces of plywood and heavy timbers on. Josie, Doreen and Jerry Jones were there when I got there at 9 a.m. There were several young men and boys whom I didn’t know, but they were all helping. William, Crystal True’s son, was helping and went to Owenton to the dump with me to help me unload. By the time I got back from my second load, I was tired and it was noon, so I came home but Doreen said Charlie Simmons and several others came after I left and helped till nearly all the lot was cleared. There were others working around the town cleaning weeds and trash, too. Someone mowed the yard in the vacant house on the corner across from the park. It was Anna Bell and Joe Lawrence’s house when I lived in Monterey. Mr and Mrs. Gilbert wish to thank everyone who came to help them get their lot cleaned. They hope to rebuild at some point. It’s good to know that neighbors will still gather to help one another.
Fay said that she and Bruce went to a knife show in Lexington Friday and Saturday. I suppose they spent the night with Jennifer, though I forgot to ask her. With the prediction of a long stretch without rain, they are hoping to get their fall hay cut and baled this next week. She said their garden had about dried up.
Noel Thomas and Charles Gregory played in a cornhole tournament this past weekend. They played to qualify at Turfway, then played pro singles at Cincinnati Fountain Square on Saturday. Charles said 16 qualified to play Saturday, and he came in eighth place. When they first started playing the game several years ago, they won or placed in most every tournament, but now everybody is a pro. The competition is really heating up.
Wanda went to Willetta’s funeral Tuesday, then went with the family to Richland Church for a luncheon prepared by the ladies of the church for the family. She said the food was delicious and the family was grateful for their thoughtfulness. Thanks to the ladies who prepared and served the food.
Wanda said J.B. Miller died Saturday. He lived in Franklin County but was kin to the Millers around here and was connected in some way to her family. She will be going to his funeral this week.
I mentioned fall haying and the demise of the garden earlier. This time next week we will be well into September and the beginning of fall. UK has their first football game Thursday, as will most other colleges and universities. I have really enjoyed the cool nights and the mild days the past week or so, but I don’t think I am ready for fall. I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for it like I used to. Golf season will soon be over and the clubs put away; long jeans will take the place of shorts and sweaters; and sweats will be the everyday uniform. The holiday season is inching ever closer, as the days gradually get shorter. No, I am not looking forward to early dark and the long nights of winter.