Kay’s Branch News: Mystery surrounding trucks and gravel solved

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By Bee Spicer

Wanda has been to Mexico with an MKL tour group. They flew out of Cincinnati last weekend to a near perfect 75 degree, four-star Ixtapan spa. It sits in the foothills of the Sierra Madres Mountains. She didn’t say how many were in the group, but it was a mix of wives and husbands and ladies that needed a break from the winter weather.
This place was right up Wanda’s alley. There was a long list of activities, manicures, pedicures, mud baths, etc. They massaged, pummeled, scraped and renewed every part of her body - plus swimming, walking, the offer of tennis or golf lessons and a road trip through Texaco, the silver capitol of the world. She said that was an experience. Their driver and guide drove like a maniac. And when everyone was totally exhausted, there were saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools to sooth the tired body. She also mentioned the food was to die for. After all that effort to “take it off,” they fattened you up again. She said it wasn’t all women either. Men like to be pampered too. She said some of her new friends had been there many times. It certainly was a place you would want to go back to. She took her video camera and recorded all her good times so she can relive it when she got home. Ah, coming home from paradise to snow wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for, but she has her memories and her video.
I knew that when Wanda got home she would ferret out the Kentucky Utilities trucks and gravel mystery. She took a walk up the hill to John H.’s approach. She went down his road and found that they were putting in a new tower at the end of that road and to the right of Dr. Bowman’s property. She said they had bulldozed a strip across the hill and was trying to make a road bed with very large rocks. She was hoping it would be a phone tower but no luck. They are just stretching more electric line back in there. It will be a while before the job is done because the “new road” is a sea of mud right now. At least thanks to Wanda, we now know.
It was a beautiful weekend. Kentucky beat Florida and Ann and I got to watch the game before we left for Louisville to see our play.
We got into the Louisville-Norte Dame game traffic but we got through it in record time. The play was about “yet another dysfunctional family,” but this one was watchable.
We’d planned to have supper in Frankfort on the way home, but every restaurant was loaded and folks standing outside, so we opted to come home.
It was still a very good day.
Sunday was beautiful and we had a very good crowd at church.
I came home to watch the end of the golf tournament at Doral in Florida and Tiger won.
It completed a perfect weekend for me.
I learned that Rastus McDonald has been having heart problems and is pretty much house bound at the moment. He could use a visit from friends.
My cousin Margaret Butts called Sunday. She was in the hospital the whole month of February and the last I had heard was she was coming home on a Thursday. It seems she didn’t make it. She had to have some surgery and had been in a rehab center for two weeks. They took her home to see how she would be able to get around and take care of herself. She said she passed every test but being able to get into the bath tub, so she went back to the local nursing home for two more weeks of work on her legs. I told her she really didn’t need to climb into the bath tub. She wasn’t doing anything to get dirty.
When we were growing up, we washed in a dish pan. I also suggested she have one of those tubs with a door in it installed but she said it would just be her luck to open it before all the water ran out and flood her bathroom. At least she got a good laugh out of it.
Randon Hall had his 13th birthday on Saturday. He is Randall Hall’s son. They live in the log cabin at the end of Kay’s Branch.
My great-granddaughter Catlin will celebrate her second birthday Saturday. Happy birthday to all who are celebrating birthdays this month.
Susie Fint, Rachel’s mother-in-law, went in for routine surgery to have a cataract removed last week. She developed a staph infection and had to be put in the hospital. Now the infection has become aggressive and they are fighting to save her eye. Please keep her in your prayers and all others who are sick and house bound.
The Monterey Volunteer Fire Department is having a chili supper Saturday at the firehouse starting at 6 p.m. I am sure there will be music involved.
Support your local fire department and have a good time in the bargain.