Kay’s Branch News: Lots of beauty in Owen

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By Bee Spicer

I am typing to the sound of rain falling outside. We actually needed it this weekend. The farmers have managed to get their hay cut and rolled and from the looks of the hillsides I pass on the way to Owenton or Frankfort, it is plentiful this year.
Gardens are being harvested.
Fay, Lou Ann, Jean O’Banion and Jenny Banks are all canning beans and putting up corn.
Wanda said she got some corn in the freezer this week too. She was nice enough to bring me a few ears. She and Fay are very good neighbors.
Wanda said the county fair was well attended last week in spite of the heat. She and Ray went to some of the night attractions. There was a tractor race and lawnmower derby that they enjoyed.
Kenneth and Jean’s grandson Jalane Olds won the tractor race. He had been in the Franklin County tractor race that afternoon and won there too. He was a very happy teenager, so congratulations to “Speedy Olds.”
I was looking at the pictures of the Owen County Fair queens in the paper last week. I would hate to have been a judge in that contest. I thought they all were beautiful. Of course my favorite was Tim Chisholm’s daughter Veronica. She did come in third. Congratulations to the winner and to all the ladies who put themselves out there to make the contest a very good one this year. Owen County has a lot of beautiful young ladies.
Wanda said she and Ray took a few days off last week and went to Cave Run Lake with cousin Ollie and his pontoon boat. His son Matthew and Lacy came down one day. Not knowing the family well, I am assuming Matthew is Ollie’s son. Wanda said the water was wonderful and made the hot days much more bearable. She said they had a real nice camp ground there. She didn’t mention any fish. I guess they were staying in the cool water and not biting.
Fay said Mount Vernon had birthday night last Wednesday. They celebrate the birthdays of the month with cake and ice cream once a month. She said there were four this month. She didn’t tell me but Wanda said Bruce’s birthday comes up on the 26th. Jenny Banks had a birthday this weekend too. She also announced that she was present at the birth of her grandson Jonathan Logan on Saturday. The parents, Sean and Windi, came through the ordeal with flying colors.
Jenny … not so much.
She has decided to leave that to the parents the next time.
The Rev. Don and Lillian Nunnley visited our church on Sunday. He was a student minister at Monterey Christian in 1951. He went on to preach in Georgetown and various Christian churches in Kentucky and retired as the minister of First Christian in Frankfort. He is now regional elder for this area,
He spends his time visiting churches and making all the congregations aware of the changing times in the church.
He gave a very nice talk before the sermon. We were all pleased to see him and his wife again. There were only two members who  were actually in the church when he pastored here - Lou Ann and I. Most of the congregation wasn’t even born in 1951.
Lord, doesn’t that make me feel old.
Wanda reported that George Lee Cooke passed away. He was kin to Danny. She said he had been fighting cancer for some time. We send our condolences to his family.
We had to apologize to our guests for the lack of air conditioning. It hadn’t been working since last Sunday. Someone was supposed to see our air-conditioning man and get it fixed but that didn’t happen. But we managed with the help of ceiling fans.
Lanny saw Pat New after church and asked him to have a look at our unit. He gave him a key to the church. Pat said he was doing some work that afternoon and he would see about it. He first went to the fuse box to check the breakers. He is a professional and they do that sort of thing.
He discovered that the breaker was turned off. He turned on the breaker, revved up the thermostat and in a few minutes he had the air temperature down to 68. He turned it off and locked the church door and went home.
I told you he was a professional, opposed to the rest of us, who are not, to say the least.