Kay’s Branch News: Life continues along the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

I thought the top of the news tonight would be “Everybody on the Branch got out their mowers and got their yards mowed.” I turned on the 11 o’clock news to see David Gregory announcing that Osama Bin Laden is dead.
After all this time and all the changes in our lifestyle in the U.S. the past 10 years, all the death and destruction that has been caused in his name, what happens now? Will another bogeyman arise to take his place? Will we just turn to Libya’s Gadaffi to be the new bogeyman to take his place? Who knows.
Life on the Branch goes on — we mow our yards, rain permitting. We go to church on Sunday morning and work on Monday. We complain about gas prices, get ready to vote, yet again for another candidate in the May primaries.
Tanner Harrod will celebrate his 16th birthday this week, and Ed Giles will have a kidney removed. We will complain about too much rain and rejoice when the sun comes out.
Tammy’s husband has gone to Tennessee with his fellow electrical workers to help the tornado-stricken area return to electrical power. Others will donate money to help the survivors. On the overall day-to-day scheme of our lives, it won’t change a thing. For everyone who hated Osama Bin Laden and wished him dead, there are those who loved him and will mourn. I pray this will make us safer, but who knows.
Wanda went to a bridal shower at Karen Lawrence’s for Destiny Penn, daughter of Stewart and Darlene (no last name). Wanda just assumes I know these people. She said they watched her grow up in church at Camp Pleasant. She said she would have liked to have gone to the 40th wedding anniversary of Carl and Sue Henage. Wanda had gone to school with them, but she couldn’t be in two places at once — but she would like to send her congratulations to them. These days between divorce, illnesses and death, many marriages don’t last that long.
Do you have ants in your mailbox? I don’t but Wanda says many people do this spring — lots and lots of ants. Ann had them last year but no sign of them now. Wanda said Thelma Marston told her that cucumber peel in the mail box would get rid of them. With cucumbers so expensive, I’d suggest Raid and eat the cucumber.
Prayers for all the sick this week and congratulations to the birthday celebrants.
Sunday is Mother’s Day. For all the mothers out there, have a very nice day. May you have the winner of the Kentucky Derby.