Kay’s Branch News: It's spring and time to dance

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By Bee Spicer

I really enjoyed the warm days last week. I got the mowing finished and finally got to play golf.
I know a lot of people got some gardening done. Ann and Tutt got their tomatoes planted, and Wanda helped Charlie a little in his garden. She said this was the latest he’d every gotten things in the ground.
All the corn and tobacco fields that were plowed early will have to be rebroken. All the rain has melted the ground right back into solid earth again.
I was very proud of myself, I managed to get through 18 holes of golf in 80+ weather. The breeze helped a lot. If the pro sees my score, he will charge me for 36 holes. I really got my money’s worth.
I didn’t get to talk to Fay last week. I waited too late to call, but I’m sure they got some garden planted last week, too.
Wanda said she went to Florence with a friend Friday evening to a church singles dance lesson. She felt like she needed a bit of brushing up on her foot work. The winter months weren’t conducive to going dancing, and she has so much outside work in the summer months, she doesn’t get a chance to go. Hopefully she’ll remember all the new steps she learned.
Ed Giles got home from the hospital this week. Mike Raisor said he was feeling good and doing fine. He doesn’t have to go back for any follow up treatments.
Kay’s Branch and many neighbors on 127 near Swallowfield  went to the Franklin County Planning Board meeting Thursday evening. We had heard that there was an application for a zoning change on a small farm on the ridge overlooking the area back this way. Some gentlemen wanted to build a shooting range on it. They would have been aiming right over my farm and the noise would have affected all the area around Swallowfield. I don’t know how much good we did, but at least we tried.
Charlotte Holland celebrated her birthday Saturday afternoon at her son, John’s home on Indian Gap Road. Doreen, Sue and Edison were among the guests who attended. They had a lovely afternoon for it.
Happy birthday to all who had birthdays this last week.
Our minister, Sheila Core, graduated from seminary Saturday. Bonnie Wise, our former minister, came up from New Orleans to attend her friend’s graduation and came to church Sunday. We were all very happy to see her. She has been on the road a lot this winter. Her sister, who lived in Florida, was ill and passed away in February. She and a friend were going back to Florida when they left church, to finish packing her sister’s things and sell her house. We wish her a safe trip and a better summer.
It’s graduation time. Wanda and I are starting to get invitations for that and weddings. Wanda knows a lot more people than I do, so she’s way ahead of me on the count. I have a great-niece graduating from high school in Florida and a great-nephew marrying in June. Both are my brother Louis’ grandchildren.
To all the young people who are graduating high school and college, best wishes for a good life in whatever you choose to do. There are all kinds of possibilities out there. Find something you enjoy doing.                
Success comes to those who work for it.