Kay’s Branch News: It’s tough to keep up with the Jones

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By Bee Spicer

The new light looked so good I decided to go a step further and see about putting new vinyl siding on the house. I was pointing toward spring, but thought I would get a couple of estimates. Before I knew what was happening, I had a salesman here from Sears and had contracted for the job. I chose a sage green with white trim and was still thinking they wouldn’t start until maybe March. Oh no, the salesman said, they will begin in a couple of weeks.
I thought the man was crazy - ripping off the siding of my house in December and working with vinyl in 35-degree weather.
They showed up last Tuesday and only got in two-and-a-half days of actual work. They have gotten a lot of it done.
Hopefully, they will get it done this week. It’s looking really nice but now I have to have four more new lights for the rest of the house. This really will be the last time I do an extensive renovation job. I had to keep up with Joel. All his new buildings were  making my house look dowdy. One must keep up with the “Jones.”
I didn’t get to talk with Fay this week. Wanda said the local motorcycle club - the Roadrunners – had their Christmas party at Franko’s Place on 355 Saturday evening. Everyone brought food, and there was a DJ to provide dance music. Wanda and Joyce and several other non-members were invited to join the festivities. There were several people there from Monterey but the list is too long to name them individually. This was a private party. Franko’s is not open for business in case you were planning to go there.
One of the members was not in attendance. Tony Karsner’s father Billy Claude Karsner passed away on Friday. He was a lifetime member of the Monterey community. I went to high school with his brother Bobby. The community extends its sympathy to Billly’s sons and family.
Jack Miller, a neighbor of ours that has a farm on Cedar Creek Road, recently lost his mother. Jack and his sons are the ones who have the big Fourth of July fireworks display for the area. They are very nice neighbors. We wish to express our sympathy to them also.
Ann, John and I went to Louisville on Saturday to attend the Actor’s Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol.” It’s a play that you have seen on TV every year but it is always a bit different every time you see it. This production was very good.
You know the story by heart but the colorful costumes and the music never disappoints you. They did it very well.
Wanda says the flu bug is going around. I think I shall stay at home this week and try to finish the last of the Christmas decorating before the holiday is over. It doesn’t seem possible that there are is only two weeks till Christmas and before we know it it will be 2012. I haven’t gotten used to 2011.