Kay’s Branch News: It’s a good time to visit sunshine state

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By Bee Spicer

I guess Fay and Bruce had already gone to the barn this morning when I called. It’s not a bad morning to be out. It’s a balmy 48 degrees this morning. This elevator weather has finally gotten me. I started sneezing Saturday and by the time I got home from church I sounded like I had gotten into the sneezing powder. By evening I had a full-blown cold. I have already cancelled dominos for this week. I don’t think I shall be ready for people in close contact by Wednesday.
I had an email from my niece Pat this week. She had been to San Diego last week. She was sent out by the nail company she works part time for. She is an instructor at the new beauty college in Lexington now. The long trip was much nicer because San Diego is where her daughter Leslie now lives. After her conference was over, she got to spend the weekend with Les. She said she liked the small but cute house she lived in and was pleased that Les seemed very happy and in a “good place” for herself. Pat said she would now put away her “maternal worrywart” for her baby and get on with her life now. We all have to let go at some point.
Pat wasn’t the only one who has been traveling. Wanda and Ray have been to Florida and on a cruise for the past two weeks. She said they left just before the cold snap started and returned as it started to warm up. Ray had never been on an airplane before and really got the grand tour. As always they route you half way round the world before you get to the place you intended to go. They visited Memphis and Atlanta before getting to Florida. I don’t care if you’re going to St. Louis they will route you through Atlanta. They spent the first week at Westgate Resort in Kissimmee, Fla. You know Wanda, they did not lie in the sun and rest. They rode bikes, played miniature gold, went to Epcot and did sit by the pool long enough to eat. They took a hot air balloon ride over Orlando one day. Of course, Ray helped blow up the balloon and after the trip he helped roll up the deflated balloon. There was also a trip via air boat up the St. John’s River, where they saw a lot of big alligators sunning themselves on the bank. They didn’t get their bathing suits wet that day. They visited friends from Owen County who spend their winters in Florida, but she didn’t say who. The second week, they went to the Port Canaveral to board the Royal Caribbean  for a cruise to the Bahamas and Nassau. They spent a day on a private island owned by the cruise line, where the had a cookout on the beach and relaxed in hammocks, warmed by the ocean breeze. She said the color of the ocean was spectacular. But Wanda didn’t relax for long. They decided to walk around the island until a storm warning was given and they took them all back to the safety of the ship. Of course there was a Hula Hoop contest and Wanda won second prize. Wanda said she must be getting old. On her last cruise, she won first place. She has talked about the wonderful food all through this piece. That may be another reason she came in second. At the port at Nassau, they debarked and walked all through the city and on to Paradise Island to see the Atlantic Ocean, which was a very long way there and back. There was food, games, stage shows and yes, dancing. I don’t think the pounds stayed on long.
Carol Swigart, who graduated with Wanda, lives in Orlando, Fla. She met them at the dock and they spent the day with her before boarding the plane for home. They got back on Saturday.
But that isn’t the end of the travelogue.
Jenny Banks, Lou Ann’s neighbor, has been to San Antonio. Texas this week. She looked, if not tanned, well rested in church Sunday. Our preacher and her husband are taking a short trip to Chicago this week. She said they plan their trips around food, what restaurants they will eat in and where they can find a sports bar that carries the University of Kentucky basketball game. She too is a UK fan.
Speaking of basketball, the Cardiac Kids pulled out another one on Saturday.
Tiger is leading the golf tournament in San Diego and I shall be in front of my TV set at 4 p.m. to root him through the last 11 holes he has to play.
By the time you read this the temps will be sliding downward again and January will be almost gone.
Stay warm, spring is on the way.