Kay’s Branch News: It’s a busy time before holidays come around

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By Bee Spicer

The sun is shining this morning. After last week, that is news. I had to build a fire on Friday last. I don’t think I have ever had to start building fires this early. If that’s all I have to complain about I count myself very lucky.
After the hurricane that swept through the east coast, I shall never mention a bit of cold rain and clouds again. We did get to go to the wedding on Saturday. That is not a royal “we.” I mean John, Charity and I. I don’t drive in heavy traffic anymore, at night or in rainy weather and John thought they had plans for Saturday, but they got changed and he said he could take me. It was Pat’s daughter Amie who was getting married to a very nice man named Chris Johns. Yes, another Chris. That must have been a very popular name 35 or so years ago. I have two grandsons-in-laws named Chris and now a great-nephew. Hopefully, they will never be at a family gathering at the same time.
The wedding was really nice. They both have children of about the same age and they were included in the ceremony with a small part called the blending of the families. I have never seen it done before but there are a lot of things I have never witnessed. It was very appropriate and lovely. We wish the couple happiness for a long and happy life together.
We did run into traffic trying to get on to Nicholasville Road. It took us two changes of the stoplight to get there but it was smooth sailing after that. Coming back, we were going in the right direction and it was smooth sailing back to Versailles Road. We stopped in Frankfort to eat supper - a mini birthday celebration. Both Charity and I have birthdays this month and it may be the last time we see each other until Thanksgiving.
There are a lot of birthdays this month. Both of Robbie’s boys were born in November. Wanda said she had a birthday this month and Fay said they stopped by a birthday celebration for Nora C. Morrow, a former member of Mount Vernon Church. She was celebrating her 95th birthday, so to all you November babies out there – happy birthday.
Joyce “True” Hammond had hip replacement surgery at a Lexington hospital last Thursday afternoon. Wanda said she got her “worst” hip replaced and was back at home Saturday afternoon. Wanda stayed with her Saturday and Sunday night and said that she is making great progress. Of course she is sore from the incision, but the hip pain is gone and she is already walking with her walker. Wanda said she was already looking forward to her first dance outing. They are taking turns, staying with her until she can actually cook and do household chores again, but you just can’t keep a good woman down for long. Get well soon, Joyce, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Wanda had other good news too. She will be retiring from postal delivery at the end of this month. She said her birthday will be her first day of retirement so maybe she is a December baby? I’ll have to clarify that. Anyway, she said she has almost 20 years of part- and full-time with the U.S. Postal Service. She said she owes it all to Clint Swigert. He was our mail carrier at the time and begged her to try being his sub. She wasn’t even looking for a job at the time and hesitated, but he was persistent, so she became his sub. Then was a regular mail carrier for 8 years. That is a 6-day a week regardless of snow and ice, heat and pouring rain. It’s not an easy job. She will be training a new person to take over this month.  Looks it might be John Swigert moving to Route 6. Leslie Minch is training for Route 6. Wanda also wanted me to mention that the post office is in need of new trainees, at least three. So if you are interested put your name in the pot.
Election day is finally here. Thank God for small favors. By the time I have to listen to all the ads on TV, I don’t believe anything they are saying. I just want them all to go away. But I shall vote, always have and will till I can’t get to the poles. By this time next week we will know with whom we will stumble thru the next four years and Kentucky will start running ads for the spring primaries. That’s one of the drawbacks of living in Kentucky. Somebody is running for something every year. When I was younger, pre-TV, you could ignore elections till it was time to vote. You had decided well in advance who you were going to vote for. Now you have it shoved at you from morning till night, till you dislike them all. I have no plans to leave Kentucky. “Sandy” has taught me that a little thing like a Kentucky River flood is peanut compared to what Mother Nature does to other parts of the world. Our prayers and giving to the several relief programs is all we can do. Also prayers for whoever wins the elections. They are going to need them.