Kay’s Branch News: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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By Bee Spicer

I could get used to this weather. We needed the rain and the temperature is wonderful. I know it can’t last, but it feels good to my old bones.
I had a good week, but can’t tell you I did a lot of running around. I did get the house turned around to Christmas. All the swags, garland and table arrangements are in place. I will put out the nativity scene sometime this week and put it on the hall table. The tree won’t go up till next weekend. We started that regiment when Ann was a little thing because she got too hyper over Christmas. We had to mete out the decorating to keep her from exploding.
Wanda said she had a great week too. She celebrated her birthday Tuesday, with some friends from Clay Lick Road, who had a party for her at the Remnant Church after work that day. On Wednesday (her real birthday), Ray took her to Jonny Carrino’s for supper, along with his son Todd and his friend Lauren Doyle. Her birthday was well celebrated this year.
Our minister Sarah Renfro celebrated her birthday this week, as did Joyce Claxon. Sarah didn’t reveal her age but Joyce is a very proud 85. Happy birthday to all.
On Saturday Wanda, Ray and Joyce True, of the replaced hip joint, went to English, just beyond Carrollton, to attend the Robinson’s Christmas Dinner Theater. They have several shows a year at the renovated schoolhouse. These are the same Robinsons who had the dinner theater in Owen County. Wanda had not seen them in quite a while, but it was good to get to see them again. Pat Miller and Doris Gaines from Owenton were also at our table for the meal, which was great as always and the show was wonderful. They always put on a show that the whole family can enjoy. They had become friends when they were in Owen County and it was so good to see them again.
I made another error last week. In copying Wanda’s news I said John Stewart instead of John Swigart. Wanda said they are cousins, so I did keep it in the family.
Joyce True had started the weekend on Friday by going to the dance at Lawrenceburg with her dancing friends. She had said she was only going to sit and listen to the music, but temptation got the best of her and she did dance several times. Wanda didn’t say if it was fast or slow, but she’s back in the swing at any rate. Go girl.
But Wanda’s birthday week wasn’t over. She and Ray went to Frankfort on Sunday to see “Christmas in Mayberry” put on by the Capital City Christian Church. Pat Atkins had gotten Wanda the tickets, which are a hot item, though they have been doing it for 12 years now. The house is always full. Wanda said there were almost 700 at the showing they went to. They do a great job casting the actors, especially the man who plays Barney Fife. Some of my friends in Frankfort have seen it and said it was wonderful.
Fay and I touched base this morning. I was late getting started and she was getting ready for a busy day. Jennifer did get home from Chicago unscathed. Fay has been decorating all week and now must start shopping. Jennifer will help there. She said they did manage to make their seasonal trip to Glendale, the little town near Elizabeth that turns itself into a Christmas wonderland at this time of year. They came back though Eminence and stopped at a car dealership just to look around. The sales lady at the desk asked his name. He said, “Bruce True of Owen County.” Fay said she smiled and said, “Oh, I know you. You are in Bee’s column.” Fay didn’t get her name and I haven’t a clue who she might have been.
We wish to extend our sympathies to the family of Jimmy Smith, a Monterey boy, born and raised in the area. He and his wife Helen (McDonald) Smith lived in Monterey for several years after the married, but have lived in Frankfort for several years. Jimmy has been in ill health for several years now and had recently broken a hip. He passed away on Friday. Helen is Joel Grugin’s aunt. We extend Helen and all his family our deepest sympathy.