Kay’s Branch News: Hunters find success down on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

Winter is definitely here, 18-degrees yesterday morning and a balmy 22 degrees this morning, but all is well on the Branch.
Deer season is over and the hunters have gone back to their real life.
Wanda said she talked to some of the guys at the hunting shack and the unofficial count was 31 or 32. After a slow start, they did pretty well. That was just the count on Cedar Creek Road and the Branch.
I forgot to mention the Kentucky Book Fair and/or I didn’t know about the Kentucky Voices, held at the old state capitol on Nov. 15.
It was a program consisting of the authors and artists of this state who talked about their craft and answered questions about how one goes about producing books and art works.
I mention it now because Mark Schimmoeller was one of the speakers. He has written and published a book titled “Slowspoke.” (No, I didn’t misspell it.)
It’s about a unicyclist’s guide to America. He and Gray Zeitz were also at the book fair that week.
Laurie said Mark sold some of his books. Gray has taken his books and other things he publishes to the fair for several years.
I used to go every year but crowd and actually having to walk through miles of aisles has gotten to be too much for me.
Thanksgiving week is upon us. One could hardly tell because everything has already been decorated for Christmas. We are going to Ann’s house this year. Just John, Charity and myself. Teri and Ray will be with Rachel’s family. Wanda said Ray has his Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday for his family. No, he did not serve fish. He had the turkey and all the trimmings. He even made a cake. Most of his family were there –  Jean, Kenny and Dez, his sister from North Carolina and her granddaughter, the nephew who went to Florida in the spring to welders school and several more that Wanda didn’t name. She said they had a good day together. They will celebrate with the New-True Clan this week.
Vanessa is having the family this year.  
I called Fay this morning to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and get her news. She told me that Ronald, her brother, passed away on Sunday. He has been ill for some time. It’s always hard to loose someone you love, but is particularly so at this time of year. Our prayers go out to Fay and the Riddle family.
We also learned at church Sunday that Anna Mae “Goodrich” Carver had a stroke. She and her family need our prayers. She graduated with my sister Barbara. Keep all those who are sick and in need of prayers in your thoughts this Thanksgiving season.
More birthdays this week. Charles Gregory’s step-son was 16 on Saturday. Elaine, Josie and Sarah, our minister, will have birthdays this week. November seems to be a very prolific birth month. There must have been a lot of very cold Februarys.
I had a good week. John and Charity took me out for supper on Tuesday, my birthday. I went to a performance of “War Horse” at the Kentucky Arts Center on Sunday afternoon. I got cards and a lot of phone calls wishing me a happy birthday and I won first at the bridge game on Tuesday. What more could one ask?
I wish everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy it while you can. Commerce is trying it’s best to wipe out this holiday. I was never a fan of Black Friday. Now they are backing it up to “hurry and grab it” on Thursday. Kind of defeats the purpose of giving thanks for what one has.