Kay’s Branch News: Hoping for one final round

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By Bee Spicer

Last week’s weather was spectacular. It’s a good thing, I saw tobacco in the field on the way to Owenton last week and there was still a field full of tobacco on the stick in the big field across from the church Sunday morning. This is about as late as I have ever seen tobacco still in the field. Hopefully they got it hung before the rain started.
I am hoping the rain holds off, too. This is the week our golf club goes to Wheatley for the “Away Play” day. It will be our last outing of this year. My clubs will go to the basement for the winter.
Last week, I got Wanda’s news late. She said she was busy working outside till dark and came in and went to bed early. She woke about 2 a.m. and it popped into her mind that she had forgotten me. So she typed it out and sent it about 5:30 a.m. before she went to work.
She said she had gone to the wedding of Megan Karsner and Matt Greenlee at Headgates. Meagan’s father, Tony, had gotten married there and she liked the location so she decided to  have her wedding there, too.
Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and it was pretty chilly — so the fire pit got a lot of customers. Kevin Luther brought his DJ outfit and supplied the music for the party and dancing afterwards. That also warmed up the crowd. We wish to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them every happiness in the years to come.
The great weather was good to Joel’s builders. They got the framing up last week. They ran into a ledge of limestone rock that went half way to China. They had to jack hammer all the holes for the support posts along one side. They had to be three feet deep, so it took them most of the day. But once that was done, they went right on up with the skeleton. As of last weekend, the sides were covered in metal. They will start on the roofing this week.
Fay said they have been doing firewood and fencing all week. They had frost last week too, so she said the weeds weren’t quite as bad now. Now it’s mowing for the last time and beginning to mulch the leaves, getting ready for winter.
Wanda went to Lexington Friday to a dental specialist. She has to have a tooth implant. They had run out of options for other methods of repair. She had the preliminary work done. That has to heal for about a month before the crown can be put in place. She said she was off from work Saturday with a fat lip. She did go to visit Cathy and Gene Florence while she was in Lexington, while she was still numb. Gene is still recovering from a stroke he had about 6 months ago. Cathy is Sybil Gaines’ daughter.
Lou Ann isn’t feeling well. She’s to have a test at the hospital toward the end of the week. I hope she is better soon. Keep her in your prayers.
Josie said she went to visit the Fitzgeralds this week and their daughter is home from the hospital and doing well.
I may or may not have a column next week. I am expecting my cousin and her husband, her mother, their small dog, and Aunt Bess’ cat toward the end of this week for a visit. Added to my two inside dogs, the new inside cat, and all the outside animals I have, it is going to be a real zoo around the Branch. If I still have my sanity and the ability to form a simple sentence, I shall be at my computer to give you all the gory details.
Stay safe and remember me in your prayers.