Kay’s Branch News: Honor our vets by not making new ones

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By Bonnie Strassell

The pickup trucks with the orange hatted occupants have turned out in abundance this weekend. Wanda told me this was the start of gun season.
I kind of guessed that.
Bro. Bill was here last week to do some last-minute mowing and fixing some guttering and told me his grandsons would be here over the weekend.
I saw their trucks on Friday night. I was gone most of the day Saturday so I didn’t hear much shooting. I did see a truck slowly creeping down the road as I was feeding the zoo when I got home. It was 5:30 p.m. so I assumed they were on their way back to the hunting shack.
Then I heard a shot.
I went to the front yard and there was just enough light left to see their truck and two hunters crossing the fence at the end of our property. I have two “free range” dogs and I immediately went down the road to accost them. They were on Wanda’s property, not ours, so I pulled in my horns and spoke to them.
They had permission to hunt on her farm, so I just struck up a conversation with them. They were nice. They were with the group at the hunting shack that come down with Buddy Sexton from Whitesburg.
Wanda said they got only a couple of does this weekend and a group further up Cedar Creek that had very little luck either. She said Colby’s Caroline got a doe. She ended her piece with “Where are all the deer?”
I could have told her that they were all in the hay field by John’s new building. I had just counted grazing there when I heard the shot that took me out of the house. That’s what I was really concerned about when I heard the shot and went charging out of the house. They were still grazing away when I came back up the road. I think they can tell time and know the rules, no shooting after sundown.
I mentioned that I was gone on Saturday. I went on a field trip with Ann to Lexington to scope out yarn. She had heard about a yarn shop on Moore Drive that she wanted to see. I should have prefaced this by saying Ann is into knitting now. She has seen everything that the “Woolery” has in Frankfort so now she is branching out. From there, we went on to Nicholasville to my niece Pat Stephenson’s house and then to lunch with her.
I hadn’t seen Pat in a while and it was nice to be with her again.
After lunch, she showed Ann where another wool shop was in Nicholasville. That was an adventure. We walked in and there was at least eight or nine women sitting around a lady who was teaching them to spin their own yarn, complete with a spinning wheel for each lady. Now this shop was about the size of my living room with shelves and bins of yarn along the walls and free standing.
Ann and the lady who owns the place threaded their way around and through the class of spinners, trying not to disturb them.
When Ann is on a mission to buy yarn, nothing stands in her way. She got what she wanted and we beat a silent but hasty retreat out the front door. It was another fun day with two of my favorite people.
Since his truck garden and orchard business has been laid by for the winter, Ray has been doing some odd jobs for the neighborhood. Wanda said he did several jobs for Bruce and Fay this week and the Mount Vernon Church. He and Wanda have been installing a privacy fence at her mother Joyce’s house. He had taken it down on another job he’d done and just hated to throw away good lumber. So when Joyce said she would like to have a fence down her property line, they installed it for her.
In a “throw-away world,” there are some of us who actually recycle, whether it be cans, paper or old useable wood.
They went to supper at a their friends Glen and Jan Franklin home on Saturday night. They were trying out a new way to cook turtle. With all the turtles they have been taking out of New Lake, Wanda is looking for new ways to use them.
Wanda said she had talked to Ron Holland over the weekend. He is doing pretty well. He has been battling a mysterious and debilitating illness for the past three years. He seems to be winning the battle. He has been on all the prayer lists in the community.
She also reported that Danny Cook lost his battle with cancer last week.
Mike and Charlene weren’t at church Sunday. They went to Harrodsburg to celebrate the birthday of his grandson. Mike didn’t say which one. His son Mikie has two boys. So to all the birthday babies this month – happy birthday!
Veteran’s Day.
I have lived through many, many of them. I wasn’t quite old enough for World War I but I had uncles in it and it was discussed at reunions so I know what war was.
Then came World War II. That was my war. My father, uncles, cousins, schoolmates and neighbors were fighting in that one.
After that, the world kind of went down hill. It seemed like wars came faster and faster. We didn’t quite recover from one till there was another on the horizon and the young men and now women of this country and other countries of the world are killed or maimed.
With all the brain power inventiveness in the world now, you’d think we could think of a better way to solve our problems. I honor our veterans but I wish we could stop making them.