Kay’s Branch News: Holidays bring lots of news

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By Bee Spicer

Happy New Year!
I guess that’s still appropriate. Things go so fast now I should be mentioning Ground Hog Day.
I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. Everyone was healthy and got to my house on Christmas morning and everyone meaning all my children and their spouses, my granddaughters and their husbands and the four great-grandchildren.
John and Charity had been down earlier in the week to set up the basement for “The Family Picture.” John had come on Sunday morning to bring over a load of wood and in doing so, discovered that the middle post that holds up the screened in porch upstairs had rusted through and kicked out when he was stacking the wood. He immediately rushed off to Lowe’s for a jack post and was in the process of putting it in position when I got home from church.  He also pointed out that the one on either end of the porch were rusting out too, so we went to Lowe’s again this week to purchase two more posts to replace the ailing ones.
When the weather clears a bit he will replace them too.  
I told him I would never have thought of them rusting at the bottom. He said, “Mom, they’re 35 years old.”
Oh, never mind.
Anyway, back to Christmas. Ann came down on Christmas Eve to help me set up. John, Charity and Ann were there early on Christmas morning to help with the finishing touches.
Teri and Ray, with Sarah, Vince and her husband Chris came about 10:45 a.m.
Rachel, her Chris and their children, Allie, Sean, and Catlin, were there soon after.   
My basement was full of family. We got the picture made and the lunch was served. The food was good, the company better and everyone went home full and happy, The girls helped me clean up and put away. We went upstairs to open the presents.  Sarah and her family had to leave soon after that because they had a six-hour drive back to northern Illinois and they wanted to get ahead of the storm. The rest of up visited till the little ones began to get fussy and needed a nap. I parceled out the homemade fudge and the leftovers and Rachel went home with her brood.
Teri and Ray left a little while later.  John and Charity left then too.
Ann stayed on to help put away folding chairs. The girls had carried the bowls and silver upstairs and washed it while I was putting leftovers in carry home bowls.
By 7 p.m, I was in my chair in the TV room, a very tired but very happy woman. This was the best Christmas I’d had in a very long time.
Fay said her Christmas was good too. Jennifer was at home and she didn’t have to cook. They were going to see Collene and David and Collene Coyle’s.
Fay said they weren’t all there but as many as could make it did show up and it made for a very good day.
She said it was so good to see relatives you don’t get to see every day. I agree.
Wanda said her family got together at Joyce’s house this year. Not everybody made it because there are so many in-laws to accommodate, but there were enough to make a very festive occasion.
Ray made a cake with the black walnuts and they had gathered this fall for the dinner. They had also gotten together at Barbara’s last week for David’s 63rd birthday celebration.  A belated happy birthday to all the December babies.
The week before Christmas, Wanda returned to the post office to have Christmas breakfast with her friends. On the way home, she stopped to visit with Lela Maude Hawkins. Wanda used to work for her before she became a mail carrier. She said Lela Maude was still doing just fine. She is an amazing woman.
While she was on the road, she went up and visited Fay and Bruce.
On Dec. 22, she and Ray were invited to go to Belterra with the Glenn Franklin family to a dinner of crab legs. Yummy, good eating.
They drove back through Carrollton to view the Christmas light and see my friend Janie Thomas.
Another day, she and Ray decided to check out the new Owen County Public Library and new judicial building. They were very impressed and said we should be proud of our county’s progress.
On a sadder note Kenneth O’Bannon’s brother Jessie died on Christmas Eve and Ray’s sister who lives in South Carolina, had a heart attack on Christmas Day.
Luckily they got her to the hospital in time to put in a stint and she is doing nicely now.
My old and dear golf buddy, card-playing friend, Virginia Luscher died on Dec. 27. She had a stroke before Christmas. My neighbor and friend also lost his brother, who lives in Pennsylvania, a week before Christmas.
In the time of happiness, we must remember those who also grieve. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones at this time.