Kay’s Branch News: Holiday brings fun, feasts and family to the Branch as always

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Thanksgiving is behind us and this column will be a list of dinners, birthdays and eating.
Wanda said they celebrated Joyce’s birthday at the Pizza Inn buffet. They had taken her there before and she enjoyed it so all the children and several others joined her there once again. She was celebrating her 83rd. Wanda said her birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day this year.
The New-True Clan got together at Vanessa and Willis’ home on Thursday evening for a wonderful supper. They have the biggest house for accommodating all the family. She and Ray had been to his sister Jean’s to join her family’s dinner.
We went to Ann’s this year. The day dawned sunny, clear blue skies and cold, just what every Thanksgiving should be. I went to Ann’s about 10:20 a.m. with the roast. We opted to do beef roast and the trimmings instead of the traditional turkey. Ann and I cooked, dressed the table and were nearly ready to serve when John and Charity came with the pie and ice cream.
This is a first for me.
Since we built the house on the farm, our house was the place for celebrations. Like Vanessa, our house was the biggest and could accommodate all the family. It was very nice to have someone else hosting for a change. She did a very good job. It was also very nice to be able to leave at about 3 p.m. and just coast down the hill to home.
Unfortunately all that rich food came back to haunt me Friday morning. I’m not used to eating so much at one time anymore but no breakfast and a couple of Tums got me back on my feet. I went out to visit Teri and see the great-grandchildren later in the day.
Vincent was visiting from Illinois and Rachel’s three were there because there was no school or preschool on Friday and Rachel had to work. They were going back to Rachel’s on Saturday for another family dinner and taking him home on Sunday. Wanda is made of stouter stuff. She and Ray were invited to join the Glen Franklin family at Belterra for the crab leg buffet on Friday evening.
Saturday night, they celebrated with Ray’s son and his friends Lauren and Tim Jones. I think everyone on the Branch is ready to fast and get ready to start decorating for Christmas.
Charity and I went to the open house at Gray Zeitz’s Larkspur Press on Saturday and that’s always a treat. The day was sunny and mild and all the wreaths, pottery, homemade soap, woven rugs and his cards and books were wonderful as always. We saw some old friends and neighbors. If you haven’t been to Larkspur Press, it’s worth the trip just to see it.
When we got to church Sunday, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Josie had decorated the church and set up the nativity scene. It looked so festive. Thanks Josie.
More birthdays
Joyce Claxon is having a birthday this week along with Sue’s grandson Cannon Stamper, who will be 6. Catherine Raisor sent word via Mike to thank the Monterey Baptist Church for the nice fruit basket they sent her. She appreciated it and their thoughtfulness.
It’s December in case you haven’t looked at the calendar.
I love to decorate and I will probably start today changing my house from orange and brown to the red and gold of Christmas. I get slower and slower every year. I usually get it all done by Christmas Eve. That’s OK. Except for the tree, all of it stays up till March when I decorate for spring.