Kay’s Branch News: Highway department makes a smooth ride

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After all the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations last month, I am out of news.
I can’t believe June is over and we are going into the Fourth of July weekend. I have spent too much time in the basement. I have missed half the year. We got two nice rains this past week. I got all the yard and garden lot mowed before that happened so I have little to do this week.
 Tomorrow is bridge and I will come to Owenton to do errands and see Dr. Clements about a chipped tooth.
Ann’s tree man came last Saturday and dropped about 11 of her dead elm trees. He did a good job of putting them down so they were not blocking her main road but two had to be dropped across her access road to the gas tank.
John and I are hoping for a couple of cool days this week to cut those two up and roll them out of the road. I have to be done before Southern States does its summer fill. My life is just a constant round of excitement.
Wanda said she has been helping Ray get his rolled hay to the barn this past week. He has over 400 big rolls to transport to two barns. They were putting them on trailers and pulling the trailers behind the truck. It was her job to pull the trailers to the barn. She said she drove very slowly to get the trailers through the gate to the barns. She is a lot braver than I am. Fay said they were trying to get their hay done too. They have some on the ground.
Fay also told me that the blacktopping that was started last year from the Franklin County line on Cedar Creek Road was finally finished this week They had gotten to Harmony Road before they stopped last fall. I ran into the last of it as I went to Frankfort  Thursday. I got held up at the bridge. It was finished and they were gone before I came home. I seldom go past the bridge where I turn off to go up Kay’s Branch, but Fay said the road in front of her house was in terrible shape and is smooth as silk now. Thank you, highway department.
Wanda did get in some down time this week. Some of the New-True Clan went to “Lake New” on Friday to kayak, fish and just hang out. They had a bonfire and roasted wieners that evening. It was a great evening and one of the small pleasures one can enjoy if you live on the Branch.
Saturday night, Jean and Kenny’s grandson Jolane Olds competed in the round track car race in Scott County. He won first last week at Glenco. He didn’t do quite so well this week and came in third. His father Jason was also in the race but Wanda didn’t say how he finished.
Old Cedar had its Sunday evening service at the creek behind the soccer field. There was a cookout and games for young and old. Wanda said she played a little volleyball with them. Several people waded in the creek and they weren’t all children. The creek is always a hit with young and old. It’s a beautiful spot to commune with God.
The Millers on Cedar Creek Road are having their annual fireworks display on Saturday at their farm. It’s always a magnificent display set to music. They work very hard to put on a great show for their neighbors. They are a very talented family and good neighbors.
Continue to keep the Chisholm family in your prayers and say a prayer for survival for our young minister. She is a counselor at a camp for teenagers in Casey County this week. I would mention the name, but I can’t spell it. It is near West Liberty. She and her husband and daughter will leave from there for North Carolina for a few days of R and R the following week.
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.