Kay’s Branch News: Get to know the Kay’s Branch cast of characters

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By Bee Spicer

We had bridge on Tuesday at the Smith House. I was the designated hostess this week. As I was going in with my very large beach bag of stuff for the bridge game, I saw Jackie Allnutt just in front of me. I hadn’t seen her since the Owenton High School reunion. We stood blocking the door and talked till she found her friends and went to sit down.
I came early so I could eat and setup. While the others had their lunch, Becky Shylock came over  and spoke to me. She is the daughter of my high-school friend June Bourne. As I watched her leave, I saw another face I remembered from the past. Arch McDonald and his wife Joyce were sitting at a table across the room. I went over to speak and he introduced me to the two ladies they were with –  Anita Purvis and Jeannetta Sacre. “She’s the lady that writes the Kay’s Branch News,” Arch said. Anita said that she read that. Arch commented that the only thing he objected to was the fact that I only dealt in first names. He said he had no idea who I was talking about most of the time.
He lives in Swallowfield. He’s kin of all the McDonalds in Owen County, but not familiar with my neighborhood.
So thanks to Arch, I am now going to do a run down of all the people I write about, just in case you have a similar problem.
We’ll start with the New-True clan. Joyce Brock True Hammond is the matriarch of the clan and loves to dance. She is the mother of Barbara, Wanda, Mary Helen, Noel Thomas and Charles Gregory. Barbara married David New, Mary Helen married Ronny New (brothers) and Wanda married Danny, their cousin. Barbara and David are the parents of Brian, Vanessa and Patrick. Vanessa is Jennifer’s mother who is best friends with Veronica, who is Tim Chisholm’s daughter. Mary Helen and Ronny, both deceased, produced Colby. Wanda had no children but is a very busy lady with her mail route. The boys didn’t marry News. Noel’s wife is Kathy “Downey” and they have one daughter. Charles married and had a child, but by that time I was losing count too. There are multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who shall remain nameless.
I live in the southwest corner of Owen County. Our farm backs up to the Franklin County line. The neighborhood starts at a road called Cedar Creek or KY 368, which turns off of U.S. 127. Tim Chisholm and family live at the bottom of the hill. Lanny Claxon lives across the road from him. Head Gates Park, as I call it now is just below Tim’s property and Steve Brock’s farm is across from that. Colby New owns it now and his house is at the end of the property across from Billy Ballenger. That takes you to Kay’s Branch road that turns to the right because there is no left. That’s Cedar Creek.
Wanda is the first house on the road and mine is the next. The empty space from the bridge to Wanda’s is owned by Bruce and Fay True. Yes, he and his father were cousins of the afore mentioned Trues, but he didn’t marry a New. Fay was a Riddle from Stamping Ground and has a sister, Sue and several brothers. I don’t know how he found her but she is a keeper. They have a daughter Jennifer, who is a doctor and lives in Lexington but I digress.
Wanda owns about 40 acres between Bruce and our farm. We own the land that lies on both sides of the road to the top of the hill then only the right side to the county line.
I live at the foot of the hill. My son John lives at the top of the hill across from the entrance of John Harrod’s farm. Dara Carlisle and Pat Kennedy live down the lane from John Harrod’s house. Wilma and Kenny O’Banion are the next house on that side and Don and Abby Boxx live next to them. Ray Trayleris, Wilma’s brother.  
My daughter Ann Spicer lives in a house in the woods. My oldest daughter, Teri is married to Ray Perkins and lives on 127 North, on the other side of Owenton. She is the mother of my two grandchildren – Sarah, who has a son named Vincent, and  Rachel, who has three children, Allie, Sean and Catlin.   
Mike Bates’ place is across the road from Ann’s house. Dave Cooper and Randell Hall finish out the houses and you are at Mt. Vernon Church Rd and the county line. You have now had the grand tour. These are the people I mention most often, but I forgot Joel DeFour’s Earthtools business that sits on the farm at the end of the lane that used to be the barn area. Joel is married to one of the Scheomiller twins. Then there’s Joel Grugin who is Lou Ann’s nephew and part of my church family. There is also Sue Stamper our piano player and church chairperson.
I love to play cards. I have a bridge group, a hand and foot club (that’s a card game), a golf family and an acre of yard to mow, so I am never bored, nor lacking something to do.
Oh I forgot to mention J.R., that is Johnny Bob Stephenson, who married my sister Barbara. They have two children Robbie of Goshen and Pat who lives in Nicholasville.
Cut this out and put it on your message board so you can refer to it when you get lost in the column.
I also ran into Scott and Margie Ballard and their daughter Susie at the Smith House on Tuesday. I was glad to see Scott out and about again.  
Ann and I started our theater season on Saturday. Actor’s Theater dropped our 2:30 p.m. matinée and switched us to 4 p.m.. I don’t know how that will turn out. Our seat mates for many years, the Nibers, were in the seats next to us, so that was as plus. The play was “Romeo and Juliette”  done in modern times. It didn’t exactly fit the dialogue and the first act ran for an hour and an half. We left at the intermission.
Noel Thomas and Charles Gregory went to Ohio for a dirt-track race over the weekend with several other Monterey boys. Wanda hadn’t seen them to find out how the trip went. Saturday evening she, Joyce and Ray went to the Monterey Fire Department’s fish fry. She said there were about 150 people there. Mike Raisor said there was such a crowd they had to take their food outside to eat. There was plenty of fish and other dishes to go with them. Rex Miller provided the karaoke-style music and sang along with Patty Karsner and some of the other guests. It was Rex’s mother’s birthday and everybody helped her celebrate. There were also a group of cloggers there who did a lot of fast dancing for the crowd and got their enthusiasm going to do some dancing on their own. You know Joyce, Wanda and Ray were in that group. Even our 100-year-old citizen Lucy Hall got up and took a turn around the floor with Rastus. I think a very good time was had by all.
The fire department is planning a Moonlight Float benefit at “Stillwater Campground on Elkhorn Creek Sept. 29. Come canoe with your sweetie and enjoy a campfire cookout and music under the moonlight. Renovations do need to be made for the canoes.  
The weather was certainly great for whatever you did this weekend.
Sunday was Grandparents Day. I didn’t know that till they announced it in church, but it’s not too late to give your grandparents a call or send a card. I know they would be glad to hear from you
Billy O’Banion has a birthday this week as does my great-grandson Sean. He will be 3. Ann also has a birthday on Friday and Arnold Palmer had one on Monday.
That’s about it for this week. I know my editor is breathing a sigh of relief.