Kay’s Branch News: Funerals, a wedding and life goes on at the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

John and I went to Dan’s funeral last Monday.
I learned that the man driving the pickup that ran into him was Larry Conway and that he was a member of the Monterey community. He was the son of Ruth Hazlett and half brother of Albert who lives next door to our church.
Our hearts go out to the Hazlett family and Mr. Conway’s brother who lives in Frankfort. We are very sorry for your loss.
The Monterey community was dealt another blow this weekend. Josie called Saturday morning with the news that Carol, the wife of Billy Joe Stewart, died in her sleep sometime Friday night.
Billy Joe was the son of Billie Margaret Perry and lived in Monterey until he was a young man. They were also neighbors of Mike and Charlene Raisor who live on Herman Green Road. Billy and Carol were members of the local motorcycle club and were well liked in the community. No arrangements have been made at the writing. I don’t know who her family was, but our sympathy goes out to all who are touched by this new tragedy.
I wrote that Charles Gregory “New” had a birthday last week. I meant to write True. David and Danny are News, Charles belongs to the True part of the clan. Danny would have had his 63 birthday Monday. Joanne Ballenger has her birthday that day too. She is Billy’s mother.
John, Charity and Jordan went to Indiana Saturday to attend and participate in Charity’s nephew’s wedding. John was an usher and Jordan did the wedding pictures. John said everything went well and the family was pleased with Jordan’s photos. The happy couple were off to the Bahamas on their honeymoon. We wish them well.
Teri was going to Rachel’s Sunday night to spend the night. Sean has been sick all weekend and wasn’t going to be well enough on Monday to go to day care so Teri went up the baby sit. Ray’s foot is healing slowly. He is hoping to be back on his feet soon.
The skiff of snow we had last week didn’t slow the mail down. Wanda said there were some slick places but nothing to compare with this time last year. She is hoping it stays like this and gets warmer. We can only hope.
Wanda said a group of 12 went to “Six Mile Jamboree” Saturday night. She said the band “Buckskins” has changed its name to “Highway 421.” I don’t exactly know the rational for that but they must have their reasons.
Anyway, Wanda said Dennis Kidd was still with the band and no matter what the call themselves they still play well. Jean O’Banion and Dez were among the revelers. Everybody enjoyed a night of dancing and good fun.
I didn’t get to talk to Fay this week. Masterpiece Theater ran long and I didn’t call her.
The University of Kentucky is rolling along in the win column and the first golf tournament is being played in Hawaii. I have a large stack of wood at the ready, in case the weather turns on us and we do get some snow. So all is well in my small world. I wish the same for all you out there.