Kay’s Branch News: Frost comes down the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

We had a heavy frost Sunday morning. It was 31 degrees when I got up. It always frosts first at my house. I live in a valley. I did bring in the plants I had outside and saved them. The leaves on the sycamore tree are falling in bunches.
They started on Joel’s new building at Earthtools last week. Some of the framing of the sides are in place. If they have good weather this week, it should be under roof by Friday. They work pretty fast once they get started.
John and Charity went to north Florida on vacation last week. They got home Friday evening. Only had rain one day and the temperature down there was in the 80s. They went back to Grayton Beach and spent the day in sun and sand. Charity loves the beach. John said he did don his bathing suit and waded out up to his knees. He said the water was too cold for him. They went on to Pensacola and spent three days there. The highlight of their trip was a visit to the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum. He was in helicopters when he was in the National Guard, so things pertaining to aviation interest him. He said this place housed everything Naval or Marine personnel flew, from the first WWI biplanes to the latest jets and missile launches. They saw IMAX films about flying. They said that a missile launch on this 80 x 54 inch screen that was so real you felt like you were standing at the foot of the launch pad. There was also a flight simulator that you could ride in or actually fly yourself. He said once he got the hang of it, he was swooping over treetops and houses, like he was in a real plane. Also at the museum was an actual working bar that had been taken from the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay in the Philippines. When the government asked the U.S. to leave in the early ’90s, this bar was a watering hole for all the sailors and marines who had visited that area since before World War II. They completely dismantled it and brought it back to Pensacola and rebuilt it in the museum.
It is unique because the walls and every flat surface in it is covered in unit plaques of all of the Navy and Marines who have posted through that base. John said it was the most fascinating thing he had seen. Just to sit there and imagine all the service men who passed through and left their mark on history. There were unit insignias, names of pilots or marines assigned to the units, mascots, all lovingly preserved for future generations. He said it is worth the trip just to sit in that bar, which is more of a café now, and read all the names and wonder where they are now. That was the highlight of his trip.
Joel Grugin was at church Sunday morning. He said he had a great time on his trip to Idaho, but it was an awfully long drive. If he ever goes again, he thinks he will fly.
Mount Vernon Church had its annual Fall Outdoor Soup on Sunday. Fay said they had a nice crowd and the soup went well. It was pretty but a bit nippy, just right for hot soup. They have been trying to get their wood-cutting finished this week. They are ahead of us. John brought in one tree, but we still have to split it and bring in a couple more. The weather is getting right for the job now.
Monterey Christian Church is having a luncheon next Sunday. Besides good food and conversation, we want to plan the fall programs. It doesn’t seem possible that we’re already into October and Thanksgiving. And Christmas is looming ever closer. I don’t want to think about it. I’m going to bed.