Kay’s Branch News: Fried fish, big fish and a few farewells

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By Bee Spicer

Everything is gray and damp this morning. I went out to put the mail in the box and checked the rain gauge. We had 8/10 of an inch last night.
Fay said they got all the hay they had cut rolled by Wednesday, so they did some shopping at Carrollton toward the end of the week.
She said there were a lot of sales going on there. They went to the big nursery there where they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who live on top of the cliff across from Old Cedar Church.
Fay’s like me. She talks to everybody around her when she shops, so naturally they struck up a conversation. When she told her her name they realized they were sort of neighbors.
After they left the nursery, they went on to the little strip mall to take in several going out of business sales. Fay said she was sorry to see it going away. She did a lot of her shopping there.    
There was a lot of activity going on this weekend.
Our church had a “meet, greet and eat” in the Monterey on Saturday evening. It was well attended and it was a very good evening to be outside. It was one of those rare occasions when it wasn’t raining nor too hot or cold to be out, there were also no flies or mosquitos to speak of. I wonder where they all went.
Monterey Fire Department also had a fish supper that evening. Wanda said they went but the crowd was small because of all the other activities planned for that evening. Two of the county churches were having fish fries or get togethers to raise money for Relay For Life to be held this coming weekend. Wanda also told me this week was the Schoemmillier twins  – Chris and Trena’s birthday. She thought it was the 13th.
Tim Chisham was at the church meeting and picnic Saturday evening. He was proudly showing a picture of the biggest fish I ever saw on his cell phone. He had been fishing in the Kentucky River that morning and caught this humongous catfish. It weighed in at 61 lbs.
John and Charity went to Indiana this weekend to visit her parents. The newlyweds, Joshua and Mandy were also there.
Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler weren’t able to go to the wedding so they got a blow by blow of the trip, ceremony and fun they all had. I’m sure John made everything sound larger than life. He has a gift for entertaining.
Don Herne called me the first of last week to ask if I had heard about Vernon Bibb’s death.
Don lives around New Liberty and Wheatley now but was raised on Greenup and was part of the Monterey community when he was a child. He is about Vernon’s age. Anyway, I had and no news of his passing. Don said it was in the Louisville paper a couple of weeks ago. Vernon was the son of J.B. and Marietta “Parker” Bibb. He was the oldest of the Bibb boys of Monterey. He was about 10-years-old when I married and moved to Monterey. Don said the article said he had contracted an infection that the doctors just couldn’t seem to stop and died. Don was to send me the article, but it didn’t arrive in time for me to get all the information. I did know he had lived in Louisville most of his adult life and was active in the youth programs there. I don’t know his family but we in Monterey who remember him, his father and grandparents send our deepest sympathy to his family.
I also got a call on Monday last from Shirley Wilhoite telling me that Don Penegor had died suddenly that morning in his home in Frankfort of a massive heart attack. I didn’t know Don well, but he was the husband of a dear friend and golf buddy for many years, Merrilyn Penegor. Stony had worked with Don when they were in state government. Don was in parks and Stony in engineering, back when the new state parks were being built. They worked together on several of the parks built at that time. Both were golfers and played in the state league. Both drove Volkswagens to work and to the various parks sites. The state paid .7 cents a mile as reimbursement for gas and wear and tear on your car, and they made money on it. I went to Rodgers Funeral Home on Thursday evening to call on the family. I hadn’t seen Merrilyn for some time. She had to quit golf because of health problems and I just quit because I got lazy, but she will always be a friend. I met three of her grown children. They are good people, because Don and Merrilyn were and are good people. Don was 83. He raised a fine family and was a very nice man. My sympathy and love goes out to his family.