Kay’s Branch News: Fall is definitely here so get out and enjoy it

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By Bee Spicer

I’m not getting up as early on these cloudy, chilly mornings, so I am a bit behind.
I did catch Fay before they left the house. They have been finishing their haying and running fence around the winter pastures, preparing to move their cattle. It’s not really officially fall but farmers are already getting ready for winter.
The tobacco crop was beautiful this year and most has already been cut and housed. The fields are being cultivated and laid by for spring.
My weatherman on WLEX said this has been the third rainiest summer on record. I would have hated to have lived through the first and second. The yard mowing has slowed down a bit. I have changed all my artificial summer flowers for artificial fall flowers. I know real flowers are better, but you don’t have to weed and water my kind and they last for three to four years before they fade and you have to replace them.
John and Brett have been working together for several weeks. Brett was helping him build a welding table from steel and John, in turn, helped him with fencing and moving some cattle. Which was a real stretch for John since he’s afraid of cows.
They finished the table a couple of weeks ago and John brought it home and positioned it in the building. It was on wheels so he could move it out and work around it.
That was not going to happen.
The wheels sunk into the gravel floor of the barn and wouldn’t budge. So to solve the problem, he must have a concrete floor poured.
Someone told him that Larry Green did that kind of work so he called him. He came when he said he would, looked at the job and gave him a price and said he would be there Thursday. His son came on Wednesday noon and started cleaning out the gravel and framing the section of the building that needed the concrete. It was poured on Thursday and they cut the expansion lines on Saturday. No hassle, no delays and they did a great job.
John liked it so much, he now is going to have the middle section or driveway done next week.
Wanda sent news last week but I kept it till I wrote today. She and Ray went to a concert on the lawn of the Old Capitol on Friday, a couple of weeks ago. She said there were two bands, “Sacre Blue” and “Spring Street.” It was a lovely night and a good crowd. They were planning another concert in two weeks, which would be this weekend.
Wanda said the weather was perfect this weekend for a family outing so she invited all her family to come to New Lake for a day of fishing, boating and eating . She and Ray mowed, weedeated and set up benches for all who attended. She said some had other plans but 19 showed up. She said it was a wonderful afternoon with all the family, children and grandchildren enjoying the lake and being together. She called me late Sunday afternoon. I had told her I had never been to her lake in all the years it had been there. She said she could take me to see it in her four-wheeler. I was sitting there staring mindlessly at the TV so I said yes.
It was quite a ride. They had wide paths cut between the cedar trees and trails through, in and around them.
When we finally got there, it was beautiful. They have done a lot of work on the little cabin they built it in the spring and a lot more work on the landscaping. It is really a beautiful place when one gets to it. If she had gone off and left me I would be there still, but it was worth the ride “over the hills and through the woods” to see it.
Oh, they found another turtle last week – number 12.
Fay said Bro. Larry Atkins had a birthday last week. They had ice cream and cake at prayer meeting on Wednesday night to celebrate with him. She also told me they had gone to Lexington on Thursday to visit with Jennifer. She has been too busy to get home lately. I asked her if she was a “real” doctor yet. That shows how time gets away from me. Fay said she had gotten her doctorate degree in internal medicine, then switched to radiology and is a doctor in that now too. So now she is a doctor twice. I am so far behind.
I mentioned Ann and Sean’s bithdays last week.
Charles Gregory’s son Thomas Dale had his seventh birthday on the 12th and Skot Atha  had a birthday on the 14th. Wanda said he is still having health problems.
Joyce Claxon said her older sister Lucille Hall fell this week and hurt her face badly, but suffered no broken bones. That is a blessing because she is  90 years old.
To all of the above we send out good wishes and prayers for healing.
Sweet Owen Day is coming up on the weekend of the 21st. Enjoy the new season and join in the fun. Wanda said Eddie Barber’s band would be playing, among others.
Fall is definitely here so get out and enjoy it.