Kay’s Branch News: Easter Bunny gives way to Easter Duck

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By Bee Spicer

The Easter Bunny gave his job to the Easter duck this year. Only an animal or fowl, as the case may be, with webbed feet could have made the trip this year. We were suppose to meet at the church Saturday to practice special music for the service on Sunday. Sue called to say she couldn’t make it that morning, so rescheduled for the afternoon. Then the rain started and by the time she had taken her grandson to Frankfort, everything was standing in water. We decided to postpone till early Sunday morning. Sue was going home to Gratz via 355. She got part of the way down the road and had to turn back. There was water in the road and mud slides and rock. The road was blocked so she had to turn around and go back to Owenton and go down the Gratz road to get home.
To spite the never-ending rain, all the churches were open and well attended on Sunday. Old Cedar had to cancel their sunrise service on the hill but they were joined by the Monterey Baptist church for an indoor service and breakfast. Kay said they had a big crowd and went ahead with their Easter egg hunt inside the inside the church. We had a nice crowd at church too. We had only three children young enough to be interested in hunting eggs, but Tammy’s two older boys were there, as was Abe, Lanny’s son and Joey, Joe Grugin’s son, who had hunted Easter eggs. They were pressed into service hiding candy eggs for the little ones. Pat came to church and we were planning a trip to Goshen to have dinner with Robbie and Rita and visit. When we left everybody was having a great time helping Hayley and Keenen find their candy surprises.
We hit a dry spell on our drive to Goshen, but ran into a wreck never the less. About three miles from our turn off at Gene Snyder, the traffic came to a halt. We were at a slow crawl for about 20 minutes. We finally managed to work our way around a car sitting sideways in the middle of the right lane. There didn’t seem to be anyone hurt but no wrecker had shown up to give assistance and there was only one police car there. Someone must have finally come to their aid because they were gone when we came home.
Fay said they had a very nice day. After church they went to her brother’s house near Stamping Ground and joined her family for Easter.
Wanda said she and the New-True family went to Barbara’s house this year. Like the rest of the population in this area the Easter egg hunt was held indoors. Barbara was smart and hid her treats in plastic eggs. This pre-empts finding a very ripe boiled eggs behind the couch or in a closet in July. Wanda said she had a wonderful meal and they all had a great time looking at the pictures Brian took on their Greek cruise
Colton New had a part in the Drama Club’s play this year. Joyce, Barbara and Wanda went to see the first run Friday night. It is a comedy called “Promedy” and focuses on the trials and tribulations of having a prom or not to have a prom, that is the question. The stressful dilemma of all teenagers. Wanda said it was funny and they did a good job with it. It will be preformed again Friday night  and Saturday night at 8 p.m. Go and support the local talent.
Sunday was Charlie Simmon’s birthday and Monday was my daughter Teri’s birthday.
Lou was at church Sunday but she had been in the hospital earlier in the week. I think she was having trouble with some of her medications. She had her family with her, Mike, Joel, Merlene and Joey. I think they were going out for dinner.
Oh, I forgot to mention that we had a nice visit with Johnny Bob while at Robbie’s. He is getting around with out his walker and doing fine.
I got a call last Tuesday in what seemed like the middle of the night, thought Wanda said it was only about 1:30 a.m. It was the state police telling me there was a tornado watches out for Owen County.
Neither Sandy or I was too pleased about being roused out of a deep sleep. Of  course, Rowdy had already heard the thunder and gone to the far corner of the bathroom.
After I had turned on the light and the TV and watched the weather report for a while my brain kicked in and I felt very appreciative of someone taking the time to let me know I was about to be blown away. Of course, we weren’t blown away but the nice policeman didn’t know that.
It happened again about 5:30 p.m. Sunday. It’s nice to know our tax dollars are doing something that can actually benefit us.
I asked John if he got a call but he said no. Then I remembered he had dropped his land line.
Being old fashioned is no all bad.