Kay’s Branch News: Dull weather makes for dull days

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By Bee Spicer

We missed another big one over the weekend.
All of Bill Meck’s dire predictions didn’t come to Owen County. It’s been a very strange winter, or lack of winter on the Branch, but we still have March to get through. I can remember 8 inches of snow on March 8 several years ago.
When you have nothing much to write, talk about the weather. That’s my problem this week. I am over my bout with the crud.  Back into my regular routine, played dominos on Monday with my friends and cards on Friday at Virginia Luscher’s home, I am happy to report that she is doing well at the moment and is at home. She has a very nice lady staying with her days and a woman that comes in at night.
My golf and dominos buddy Joyce Sisk had a very serious heart operation on Friday but came through it just fine and was doing well over the weekend.
I called Fay, but she had nothing to report. They are between jobs, nothing to mow, plow or fence at the moment. She did say they were getting ready for the new crop of calves to start coming. Business will pick up after that.
Ann, her friend Margaret and I went to another play on Saturday. This one was much better than the last. We stayed to the end, our fellow play goers Mersedes and Mickey were there too so we had a great afternoon.
Wanda said she went to the Wild Goose Café on Friday evening for a fun-filled and inspirational program of poems, stories and music, sponsored by the Owen County Arts Council. Leslie Shane from Monterey was one of the writers and performers that entertained the crowd. On Saturday night she got a chance to go bowling with friends at Capitol Bowl in Frankfort. She said it had been years since she had bowled so her game was a bit rusty, well, a lot rusty, but she had a great time trying to hit the pens again. They had a great time to despite the scores.
We had a very nice crowd at church Sunday, though our preacher was off to another state to attend a wedding. The congregation just conducted the service, with everybody doing their part. Sue Stamper prepared a very nice sermon and delivered it beautifully. It gave us a lot of hope that Monterey Christian Church will continue to thrive, even with the lack of support from the Lexington Seminary.
On Friday, Feb. 24,  there will be for “the Carol Stewart funeral expenses at the Bonnie’s Restaurant in Frankfort. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the restaurant, it used to be Saylor’s or to be more specific, it’s on US 60, next door to Juniper Hills Golf Course. There will be music provided by Eddie Barber’s band. I have eaten at the restaurant and they have very good home cooked meals.