Kay’s Branch News: Cool weather but still a busy week down here

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By Bee Spicer

Good morning. Welcome to August.
It was 57 degrees when I got up. We had more rain, about two tenths of an inch over the weekend.
Fay said they had moved their cattle to new pasture. There had been enough rain this summer to keep all their pastures fresh, unlike last year when they had to start feeding hay by the end of August.
I must start with corrections. Wanda pointed out that I had misread one of her comments. It was Joyce that went with them to Lucy Hall’s birthday party. Ray’s mother has been dead for a year or so. I also got Ernestine’s news a bit off. It was Carolyn Sue who visited from Texas. She is a half- sister to Raisor boy who died. Peggy Sue was his full sister. Mike said in church “they had always called her Peggy Sue.” He mixed me up because he really didn’t remember the Texas girl. Ernestine also said there were four other brothers and three more sisters. So I am not the only one who was confused.
Ernestine called to remind me about the birthday party for Robert “Bob” House to be held at Beechwood Church on Aug. 16. Guests will be arriving about 2 p.m. All who wish to attend are invited. There will be snacks and finger food, birthday cake and a lot of greeting of old friends. Mr. House will be 90 years old.
Wanda said they painted another barn for Bruce this week. Fay said they came, did the work and it looked really nice. Ray does good work. He comes when he says he will and that’s rare in these days.
Wanda and Ray’s son helped Bruce move a piece of furniture out of George’s old house while they were there. Fay said she was getting ready to help lift because she and Bruce couldn’t budge it when they tried. She said Ray and the boy just picked it up and put it on the truck like it was light as a feather. I can appreciate having friends and family with muscle.
After John closed in the ends of the wood shed, he looked at the tin on the sides and decided that needed changing too. He ordered new metal siding from the Owenton Metal Company. It was delivered on Friday. We attempted to install it Saturday morning. Taking the old off was a breeze but putting the pieces back in place proved more than I could handle so we called Ann. She came down to help John lift and I just had to hold the middle steady while he drove in the screws. She has lifted weights and exercised for years. She told John to call on her when he needed help and I am now bumped up to foreman and go-fer.
Ray, Wanda, Noel Thomas and Kathy went to Shelbyville last week to customer appreciation day held by their propane gas company. After putting in an appearance there, they drove on to Simpsonville to the new outlet mall. She said there were thousands of cars in the parking lot and each of them must have been loaded. She said she had never seen as many people in one place. They opted to pass on that day and go again when the new had worn off.
Noel and Clinton House went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to a corn hole tournament. They didn’t win but of the 97 teams entered, they came in seventh which isn’t too shabby.
Noel and Kathy helped Barbara put up tomatoes last week too. Between them they had over 200 quarts.
This Saturday Ray’s cousin Ollie, his son Derrick, Ashley and 5-year-old Brook spent the day at Lake New. The men fished and  Wanda entertained Brook on the four-wheeler. They camped out that night. They had planned to stay a while on Sunday but the sky clouded over and the thunder rolled and they opted to head for the house, but it had been a great weekend.
Wanda said she found gas for $ 3.29 at Stamping Ground last week. I can top her. With my 15 cents off, I got it for $3.20 at Kroger but it didn’t last. It was already back to $3.54 when I went back at the end of the week. I am old enough to remember when we were appalled when it rose to .75 cents. I am really old.
There are several birthdays this month. Forrest Stamper was 32 last week and Brent Grugin had a birthday on Sunday. Lou Ann was back in church . We were all happy to see her. Shorty Chisholm  and Buddy Wingate are still on our pray list.
Remember that schools will be starting soon so watch for the school buses on these back roads.