Kay’s Branch News: Choosing golf, yard sales or AC

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By Bee Spicer

I was pleasantly surprised to find my neighbor and friend John Harrod featured in the “Kentucky Living” magazine this month. It was a very nice article.
My only negative comment was that they said he lived in Owenton, and he doesn’t even live close to Owenton. He lives on Kay’s Branch just across from my John’s house and has lived there for years. The only connection he has with Owenton is the rural mail carrier that drops off his mail.
He did teach in the Owen County High School for a while before going to Franklin County. John’s stepdaughter had him for a teacher for a couple of years.
He’s a good neighbor and a good musician, and Jordan said he was one of her best teachers.
This has been another hot dry week on the Branch.
Both Wanda and Fay said their gardens were drying up. Fay has been freezing corn all week. Their tomatoes aren’t doing well, so they decided to pull them and make salsa. They are also doing pickles.
I am glad I am beyond those jobs now. There are some advantages to being old.
I played golf Wednesday. It wasn’t one of my better ideas.
Play was slow and the last few holes were not fun. I did manage to finish, but just barely. I was too tired to shop afterwards, so I had to make another trip to Frankfort Thursday.
Walmart had put the fabric and notions department back. They had eliminated it when they remodeled the store last year.
It is very convenient for me because it right beside the pet food section. I was browsing through the material and who should I see but Jerry Kemper motoring around in one of the electric shopping carts.
I hadn’t seen him out for a while, so I got his attention and we stood and blocked the aisle and talked for a while. He said he had just gotten out of the hospital the day before. He looked good so they must have helped him.
I loaded up on dog food and was checking out when Celia Perry Webb hailed me and asked me if I had a red-headed granddaughter who lives in Frankfort.
For a second I was stumped. Since I have only two granddaughters and one of them lives in Illinois, I figured she must be talking about Rachel.
It seems her son is in the same day care that Rachel’s kids go to. Allie has made a big hit with her little boy and they got to talking. Celia mentioned Monterey and Rachel asked if she knew me. Rachel found out that Celia’s father was Stony’s very good friend, a long time ago.
Wanda didn’t have much news this week. She did go to the Grand Theater again to attend the Ashton Shepherd concert Saturday. She was the first caller on a Froggy Radio give-away show Friday and won front row seats and a “Meet and Greet” with her after the show. She was plugging her new album release. Wanda said she has a great voice and she put on a very good show.
Charlene Raisor told us she went to the wedding of her nephew, Jonathan Figgins, and Jenny Urie Saturday evening. It was held on their farm in New Liberty. She said it was a lovely ceremony and the supper and reception afterwards was very nice. There were many family members and friends there to help them celebrate this happy occasion. One was Charlotte Green who had come from Illinois. She was a long-time friend of Jenny’s mother, the late Paula Urie. She had to leave early Sunday to go home, so we didn’t get to see her. Charlotte was also a valued and much-loved member of our congregation in years past. We wish Jenny and Jonathan much happiness in their marriage and life together.
We had two birthdays last week. Our new neighbor, Don Boxx, and Forrest Stamper celebrated birthdays Sunday. Happy birthday, fellows.
That time has rolled around again. Yes, the 127 Yard Sale is here again. A few marked their territory and were in business by Monday. Many folks will be cruising the roads by mid-week. So watch for slow traffic, sudden stops and shoppers darting from behind their cars. Fay said they would probably take a day or two to “just see what was out there.” As for myself, I plan to stay at home by the air conditioner.
Be careful out there.