Kay’s Branch News: Chilly weather slows things down on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

It was a slow week. No yards to mow, the golf clubs had been stored away, and the wood is ready to start building fires. I did go to my first yoga class last Wednesday. In the beginning I didn’t think I was going to like it, but by the time the class was over I had decided it might do me some good. At least, get me out of the house once a week.
The young men that work for Joel got the cedar rail fence finished on both sides of the farm road. It looks really neat at the gate entrance now. They finally started pouring the concrete for the floor in Joel’s new warehouse. They have to pour it in sections, it is so big. Hopefully, they will get it all done this week.
I talked to both Wanda and Fay but they were about like me — nothing much to report. I did learn that Jennifer was in Washington, D.C. a week or so ago. She had a medical conference to attend. Fay said she did go into the city and visit some of the tourist sights. She had to work last weekend, so she didn’t get to have the party for the children at their church. Jennifer always did the games. Fay said that Larry and Philips Atkins’ son and wife just returned from China with their toddler. She said the child is 16 months old. They were very tired after the long trip and glad to be home again.
Wanda said that Joyce, Cig, and Jeannie Baker went to the dance in Lawrenceburg Saturday night. It was a Halloween party and prizes were given for best costumes. Cig won in the men’s division and Jeannie got the ladies’ prize.
Ann, Pat and I went to Louisville Saturday for our second play. It was a dramatization of Tom Sawyer. It was very well done and we enjoyed it. It helped if you already knew the story and background. Their sets and scenery left a lot to the imagination.
Lou Ann was at church Sunday morning. She is not completely well yet but is getting around pretty good.
Rosemary sent word that she is doing well and has hopes to be back very soon. She had a knee replacement a week or so ago and is in rehab at the moment.     November already and time to turn back the clocks this coming weekend.
My clock is telling me it is time to go to bed right now. Have a good week