Kay’s Branch News: Checking in on old friends and rooting for Kentucky

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By Bee Spicer

I hadn’t really noticed that this was a leap year till this week. I’m not terribly observant. I’ve missed my chance to propose to someone. Since I had nobody in mind, it’s a moot point.
Weird weather report: Wanda said she went to Barbara and David’s Friday night for supper. She said the wind got up and torrents of rain began to fall, along with lots of loud thunder.
When she went home and got out of her car, she found a big pile of ice, or more specifically, balls of hail where it had landed on her metal roof and slid off into piles on her sidewalk.
She said there were two piles several inches high and spilling out into the yard. Her gutters were full of hail. She said the balls were almost marble size and even by Sunday there were still small bunches under her shrubs. Now, I live around the curve and up the road about 100 yards from her and I got the heavy rain and the thunder but I saw nor heard any hail. This has been a very strange winter.
Teri and I went to Louisville on Thursday to visit Johnny Bob. We got there about 12:40 and he was sitting in his wheelchair trying to eat lunch. He was very glad to see us and we visited for over an hour. He is weak and has lost some weight but was doing pretty well. Robbie had him moved to another facility on Friday because they had means of transportation for him to go to his radiation treatments. The new place is called Kindred Northfield on Hunting Road, just off of Brownsboro Road.
Teri also told me Friday was Kenny Perkins’ birthday, but he was spending it in the hospital because he was having severe pain in his neck and shoulder. It has to do with the nerves that run from the shoulder up into the neck.
I learned in church Sunday that Tommy McDonald was operated on last week and that Carol Ann Richardson was back in the hospital. She is the girl that had the liver transplant some time ago. Josie also told us that Scott Atha has decided not to have the exploratory operation and has just decided to go on the way he has been.
Joyce Sisk had to be taken back to the hospital. She is my golf and dominos friend who had heart surgery early in the month. All of the above and their families could use our prayers.
Wanda said she went to the benefit dance party held for Carol Stewart at Bonnie’s Place on Friday evening. She said the place was full of friends and well-wishers that enjoyed the music of Eddie Barber. Some of them even danced. Wanda said Joyce and her friends who go to Lawrenceburg to dance came back to Frankfort to join the group to finish the evening. A heartfelt thanks to all who came to support Billy Joe.
Kentucky pulled out another one and both the Americans won their golf match on Sunday in the World Match Play.
I don’t follow golf as faithfully as I used to but it’s worth tuning in just for the sunny weather and green grass this time of year. March is upon us and this week will end the basketball season that J.R. and I look forward to so avidly in November.
By this time next week it will be March and tournament time. May the best team win – just so it’s UK.