Kay’s Branch News: Cat fans suffer and rejoice

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By Bee Spicer

Remember I told you I lost the last paragraph of Wanda’s news last week? Well, it popped up when I opened the computer on Tuesday morning. I don’t know where it went, nor how it came back but here it is.
Wanda went to the wedding of Jessie and Doug Luscher’s daughter Sandi. They were old friends of Wanda and Danny’s when they went to Camp Pleasant Church years ago.
Sandi married Jerry Yount at the Point Community Church in Frankfort. The officiating minister was Andrew Lawrence, son of Butch and Karen Lawrence, who grew up with Teri in Monterey many years ago.
Many of the old Monterey community were there and Wanda said she enjoyed visiting with a lot of friends. I’m sure my friend Jimmy Lawrence and his wife were there too. He is Butch’s brother and the one that keeps pushing me to write a book about Monterey. Sorry, Jimmy, I haven’t started yet.
Both Noel Thomas and Ray have been sick with a bad sore throat this past week. Noel Thomas felt so bad he finally went to a doctor. This is one reason Wanda’s news made no mention of fishing, gardening or eating out this week. We hope they are both better soon.
I had a long email from my cousin Jim Botkin this week. He lives in Indiana, and like me, has been snowed in all winter. He mentioned that his son John and family were coming for the weekend and they were celebrating John and his son Ben’s birthdays. John was an April Fool’s baby. Jim said he always resented his birth date because his school mates teased him about being a “Fool Baby.”
Mother Nature has a warped sense of humor. His son Ben was born on April Fool’s Day too.
Bret McDonald was also born on April 1 too.
Wanda said Barbara missed by one day. Her birthday is April 2, as well as Wanda Gaines, who used to live on Claxon Ridge and is a retired janitor of one of the schools, and Phyllis Webster, the retired senior citizens’ bus driver. Happy birthday wishes to all the April Fool’s babies out there.
I talked to Fay briefly this morning. They were on their way to the barn to send some calves to market. She said Mount Vernon Church hosted the Association Bible Drill this past Sunday. She said the church was full and a nice dinner was served afterward. They had a great day for it and it was good to see so many good friends after the long winter.
I guess this is not news to anybody that’s still breathing that the University of Kentucky is in the Final Four. I was there for the game on Friday, well, Dobbs and I were sitting in my chair glued to the TV. I was sitting there trying to get my breath back and manage to stumble to bed when the phone rang at 12:10 a.m. It was John
“Mother, did you watch that game,?” John asked.
John - do you think I would be answering the phone at this time in the morning if I hadn’t?
Ann and I went to Louisville to a play Sunday afternoon. The play was very forgettable but we were home in time to watch the UK-Michigan game. She went home and I quickly fed the zoo and took my place in front of the TV. It was another nail-biter finish with another round of phone calls from John and Ann. Two last minute wins are almost too much for a woman of my age. I saw the shadow of Christian Lathner hanging over both games, but the outcome was much better.
Just two more games to get through. Go CATS!