Kay’s Branch News: Branch slowly welcomes spring

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The weekend was beautiful. Everybody on the Branch was outside doing clean up work on their yards. I got the front bed under the kitchen window raked and cut out the dead vines. It looks so much better.
Fay was out cleaning her beds to get ready for new plantings and Wanda and Ray went to Joyce’s to trim her pampas grass.
As a rule when you cut back the grasses, there is new green sprigs pushing up out of the ground but now this year. Only the daffodil’s and jonquils are blooming on time. The red buds trees are starting to bloom too. There is hope for a colorful spring.
The grass is now growing in leaps and bounds and everyone is servicing the lawn mowers and preparing to mow. Then Monday  and rain rolled in and the “talking heads on TV are predicting freezing weather and snow flakes for Tuesday. It’s never a good thing to store winter clothing in Kentucky before June.
Bruce and Fay went to Elizabethtown on Saturday with the children of Mount Vernon church for the State Bible Drill. Autumn Adkins, Larry and Phyllis’ granddaughter, won first place and Nichole Roberts got second place. That’s very good for the Owen County children. Mount Vernon church is having a breakfast on Easter Sunday for them and the Camp Pleasant children are joining them.
Wanda said she had to go to Owenton to do errands on Friday and stopped by the post office to visit. She said thing are always changing there.
“Mike,” the man who came here last year from up east and was driving our route as Jenny’s sub, has gone back to New York so Justin Spencer is going to be subbing for Jenny on route 1. Linda Gribbens will be learning route 3 as well as Wanda’s old route 2. One never knows who will show up at your mailbox. I’m just glad someone wants the job. It’s not a job I would want. Driving these back roads of Owen County in all kinds of weather takes a lot of dedication.
Wanda said  that Thomas Dale, Charles Gregory’s son, was at Joyce’s house while they were cutting the pampas grass. He wanted to come to Kay’s Branch with them to fish in the lake and ride in the paddle boat. So they took him to the lake.
As it is with most 9-year-olds, fishing soon got boring and he spent most of his time boating while they working around the lake and cabin.  
That evening they built a fire and roasted  hot dogs. They had smores for dessert. She said it was a beautiful night with a full moon so they spent the night at the cabin.
The next morning Thomas, after breakfast, they noticed the batted jug they had floated the night before was moving. Thomas volunteered to check on it. They had snagged the first turtle of the season and it was a big one. Thomas’ job was done. Ray got to clean it. It will be one of Thomas’ better memories from his childhood.
As of Sunday, Dez had not had her baby. Her husband did get home and is on leave till the arrival of the baby.
As an avid golf fan, I watched the Masters this weekend. Tiger wasn’t playing but Bubba Watson filled his spot with specular golf. The course was beautiful in all it’s glorious color and the golf lived up to the Master’s standards. I don’t play anymore but I love to watch those who do it so well.