Kay’s Branch News: Birthday makes Bee busy

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By Bee Spicer

My social calendar was over flowing this week. I played bridge at Mary Ann Cobb’s house Tuesday and John, Charity and Ann took me out to supper on Wednesday.
I had a day at home on Thursday to clean the basement and set up for the “hand and foot” group Friday.
Saturday, Ann and I went to Lexington to see a movie and have lunch. We went to Lexington Green to see “The Help.”  Pat joined us at the movie theater. It was a wonderful movie. If you like good movies, I can recommend that one. If it’s not nominated for an Academy Award, someone in Hollywood slipped up. We went to Regatta in the lower floor under Joseph-Beth Booksellers for lunch. It’s a very good place to eat. It has good food and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We did some Christmas shopping before we had to say goodbye to Pat and come home. It was one of the best birthdays I ever had.
Ann and I were invited to Laura and Charlie Schoemiller’s cabin for supper Sunday night. We had never been that far back their lane before and didn’t exactly know where we were going so naturally overshot their house and wound up buried in the deep woods. We turned around and started back and the rain had wet the leaves and ground just enough to make it hard to get back up a long, slippery hill. Ann got out and went to fetch Joel to pull her RAV to the top of the hill and I got out to see if I could find Charlie’s house. We were right at his lane but had missed seeing his cabin in the woods.
All’s well that ends well.
We did find their house and had a lovely evening with the Schoemillers and their children, grandchildren and friends. The next time we visit, we plan to visit on an evening in late spring or summer when the light lasts longer and it’s dry.
More birthdays this week, Jessica Willhoite recently turned 15, as did Abe Claxon.
“Mammie”Barbara cooked a fried-chicken supper in her honor and invited Wanda and Joyce to join her, David and the grandchildren in the celebration.
Charlene Raisor celebrated her birthday Monday. Wanda wanted to alert her customers on Route 2 that they won’t be seeing her little blue car anymore. She is not on vacation or given up the route.
The wee machine has given up the ghost and she had to get a new maroon Chevy Lumina. She now has a matching set of maroon cars. Her Explorer is maroon too.
Wanda said she went to Old Cedar to church Sunday night to hear the singing group “Cross Tithes”. She said had heard of them but had never heard them sing. She said they very good and she really enjoyed them.
I saw Fay Saturday evening when she stopped to give me a small gift and card for my birthday. I’ve had such  a nice birthday this year, I have decided to renew my AARP membership for three years. It will give me incentive to have a few more birthdays.
Whether you are cooking the feast for your family or going to visit relatives this year, have a great Thanksgiving. I feel very blessed this year. My best wishes to you and yours.