Kay’s Branch News by Bee Spicer: Strong turnout for Arts in the Park

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By Bee Spicer

Last week was a picture postcard week for our area, sunshine, mild breezy days, fit for about anything one would want to do outside. I divided my time between mowing and cards. The third week of the month always has bridge on Tuesdays and hand and foot on Fridays. I did well at cards, won at bridge and split the games of hand and foot. I can take my winnings and buy a cup of coffee anywhere.
While I was mowing, John insulated his work rooms and put the siding and ceiling on them. He’s finally drawing close to the finish line on this project. Speaking of finish lines, Saturday’s Preakness was as exciting as the Derby. There’s a chance now for a Triple Crown winner. That would be the Cinderella story of this century. It hasn’t been done since the 1970s.
Bruce took advantage of the great weather to  cut hay last week. He did Wanda’s field and the one across from the house and then the work came to a halt. I found out when I talked to Fay that he’d broken down as he was going to start baling. They‘ve been waiting on a call from the equipment fixer to come get the offending piece of equipment so they can get back to work before the rains come back.
Fay had a birthday on Saturday. She and her sister Sue went to Berea to take in the craft shops there.
She and Bruce went to Indiana to see what the Highway 50 Yard Sale was all about. She said since they couldn’t work, they decided to take a road trip.
Josie said she, Star Johnson and Billy Meringer went to Clay City over the weekend to attend the bluegrass festival held there. They used to go every year before Vicki died. They had a great  weekend for it. She said they got reacquainted with friends they used to see at the festivals and had a very good time
The Arts in the Park at the fairgrounds was well attended. Wanda said she stopped for a while after work to take in some of the displays and music. John Harrod and his band was playing while she was there. She said they had different bands playing all afternoon. She said there was also lots of gifted artists and crafts people in our county and a wide variety of things to choose from. She said the whole day was a big success.
On Friday evening Wanda and Joyce were invited to a wedding reception party and dance. It was held on the VonBokern farm which is on Wanda’s mail route. The couple were from northern Kentucky but the young lady wanted to be married “down on the farm,”  at her grandparent’s farm.
The weather cooperated for them and everything went off as planned. Congratulations to the newlyweds.
There was one other birthday reported this week. Bryan New turns 43 on May 25. It doesn’t seem possible. I can remember him playing in the streets around the store when he was 5 or 6 years old. Time can really get away from you. Congratulations to all those having birthdays this week.
Monterey Christian Church hired a new minister on Sunday.
Now I know that isn’t news. We have a tendency to do that every other May, but this time it’s different.
There will be no more student ministers at Monterey Christian.
It has been so since I moved to Monterey in 1949 and many years before that. But now Lexington Theo. Seminary will no longer have students on campus. They are teaching on-line now.
Our former minister, Steven Sherman has been working with a search committee for the past year to find a permanent pastor for our church.
With his help and God’s guidance, we found a young lady from Lexington who had been youth minister at   Frankfort Christian.
Her husband is an associate minister at a church in Lexington and they plan to be in the area for a long time. They have a daughter who is almost a year old and she wanted a job that would give her more time for the child. She came on  the Sunday Steven left and was here again this Sunday. We asked her to be our minister and she accepted. So we wish to introduce Sarah Renfro to the Monterey community and the county.
We hope to take a more active part in the community and the county with Sarah’s help. She hopes to be here four or five years. This will be a real blessing for us, as we have had to say goodbye to an army of young men and women over the years after only a year or so, when they graduated from the seminary.  
This was our contribution to the education of young people for the ministry and their futures. It will be a big change for us, but with God’s help a new beginning for our church.