Kay’s Branch News by Bee Spicer: Cats and Gators delay birthday celebration

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By Bee Spicer

The weather suits my mood this morning.
The Cats lost Sunday and Tiger pulled something in his leg and had to withdraw from the tournament. I’m going to have to get a new hobby. I’m getting too old for all this trauma.  
There’s really not much news this week. Johnny Bob did get out of the hospital and was moved back to Kindred Northfield Nursing Home on Hunting Road.
Pat told me he did get the letter and pictures that were sent to him at the other nursing home. They forwarded it to Robbie’s address. I know he really appreciated them.
Wanda and Ann have enjoyed the nice weather. Wanda has started working in her yard and Ann likes to walk.
I heard some good news at church. Lanny had seen David New this week. He told Lanny that he had had good news regarding the drug trial he is participating in. His cancer tumors are beginning to shrink. He has a long way to go yet, but he’s going in the right direction.
Friday was Patrick New’s birthday. Barbara cooked supper and invited the family to their house to help him celebrate. Pat had recently started an air-conditioning service and installation business, so he had lots of things to celebrate. The Micah, who’s birthday I mentioned and didn’t know where he fitted in the family, is Patrick’s son. He started to school this year. The New-True Clan grows so fast I can’t keep up with them.
I went to Caitlin’s first birthday party Saturday afternoon. A lot of the adult guests were watching the UK-Fla. game so Rachel didn’t get to the birthday celebration till nearly 3 p.m. Caitlin managed to get her picture taken with the birthday cake and her little guest before she conked out and had to be put down for her nap. Teri said everybody was ready for a nap by that time, so the party was over by 4 p.m.  
Wanda said our neighbor Steve Lathrem and Randall Hall’s son Blake had birthdays this week too. Happy birthday to all of the above.
After a year of running back and forth to the dentist, Wanda is happy to report that the dreaded tooth implant and crown has come to a successful end. She was a long time getting it but she now had a full set of teeth again. Congradulations and Bon apatite.
I called Fay but they had nothing to report. She was hoping the rain would hold off till they could get some cattle loaded and sent to market this morning. I think they lucked out. The farm work will soon start in earnest. It looks like we will have an early spring. My Easter flowers are all blooming and ignoring the snow and frost we had last week. They are hardy little flowers.
To all you Irishmen out there  - have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.