Kay’s Branch News: Be careful when staying on 16th floor

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By Bee Spicer

It’s cool at the moment, but our all-knowing weatherman says it will be hot by afternoon, so I must get this written and get what “work” I do out of the way before that happens.
Right now, it is very quiet on the Branch. The big trucks haven’t started rolling by, nor are the dogs barking at the tow does that have taken up residence under the apple trees, waiting for the apples to drop.
My June apple trees are full of apples that get ripe the beginning of July. I’ve never been sure why they call them June apples.
I have a correction to make. I have been doing so well too, but I do this column very early on Monday morning and I am not always as careful how I read my chicken scratch handwriting. Wanda told me she had talked to Shannon Hall last week. I evidently didn’t get the part where Brooke, the daughter, got a job at Starbucks. So for all you that know the Halls, it’s Brooke that is now working at the coffee house not her mother.
Josie got home last weekend from her vacation trip to Atlantic City. She came to clean on Thursday and told me all about what a nice time she had just resting and walking on the sandy beach at the front of their hotel. They had really nice accommodations at a very tall hotel on the beach.
The morning after they arrived, she and Nina took their coffee out onto the balcony to take in the scenery and the cool breeze.
After they had been there a while, the breeze got more vigorous so they decided they would go inside. That was when they discovered the sliding glass doors were locked. Nina was going into panic mode when Josie, always resourceful, said, ”Just hold on, I’ll get us some help.” So she hung herself over the banister and started yelling “HELP!”
Now this was early morning and there was no one in sight. She said she finally saw a man in a black suit that looked like he worked for the hotel and started waving and yelling and got his attention.
After she convinced him that she wasn’t just waving and acting silly, she managed to tell him that they were locked out. He yelled back that he would get help and asked their room number. It was 1609. Yes, they were on the 16th floor.
Help finally arrived but the women had put the inside dead bolt lock on the door the night before and the help couldn’t get into the room, so it was back to the basement to the tool room and the maintenance man to get something to saw the offending lock away so they could get to them. They finally got into the room.
By this time they had been out on the balcony for over an hour and the wind had become a mini-gale and they were in their housecoats.
Josie said by the time they got back into the room they looked like casualties from a wind tunnel.
The maintenance man said he would take the faulty lock off and repair it, but Josie told him just to leave it off till they went home. She didn’t want to take any chances on it happening again. Otherwise the vacation went fine.
I called Fay this morning. They were on their way to the hay field to try to get the last of the early hay cut before it’s time to start cutting the “late hay.”
She said she and Bruce picked some of their apples and processed them over the weekend. Yes, it’s already time to start canning and freezing. Wanda said they had been putting away some of the early peas in Ray’s garden.
I, on the other hand, do all my shopping at Kroger anymore.
Teri and Ray went to Chris Fint’s brother’s wedding over the weekend. Not really as guests, but as babysitters for all the grandchildren.
Sean wanted to join the wedding party as the bride went down the aisle. Teri is very good at corralling small children.
We wish David and Brianne every happiness.                        
Jean Zeitz and I went to Doris Tuttle’s on Friday to play Hand and Foot.
Jean is subbing for our card club now. It ran long and I took Jean home. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have my pocketbook with me till I reached for it in the garage when I got home. I called Doris to tell her and made arrangements to come on Saturday morning and pick it up. If you are a woman then you know how undressed you feel without all the things one carries around with you in that bag. Your driver’s license, credit cards, money, etc. I drove very sedately back to Frankfort on Saturday morning, looking for a state trooper at every turn, who just knew that I was without proper documentation. It is not a good feeling.  
Fan Fair starts this week. Wanda said there are lots of activities planned for the whole family. Get out and enjoy it.