Kay’s Branch News: Basement full of Perkins makes for great reunion

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By Bee Spicer

Spring has finally come to the Branch. It will last about three days, and then we’ll be into summer. It’s supposed to be 80 by Wednesday.
I was on the road almost every day last week with bridge on Tuesday, dominos on Wednesday, lunch with Charity at Applebee’s on Thursday, then I had to go back to Frankfort on Friday to do my regular errands and get gas, groceries and pet food.
Saturday, Ann and I went to Louisville to our last play of the season. I have griped about the quality of the plays this year, but this last one beat all the others. It was terrible. It was so bad I couldn’t even tell you what the plot was supposed to be. We had already agreed to drop our subscription, but if we hadn’t, that play would have done it.
Charity went to church on Sunday. It was a typical “after-Easter crowd - the loyal few,” but that is more since Sarah has been with us.
Pat came by to see me Sunday afternoon. She had been to Robbie’s home in Goshen.
Rita was helping her file her income tax. She was very happy. She is actually getting money back this time.
Teri and Ray went to Frankfort to Graftenburg Church. Kenny Perkins was preaching there that day. It was also Bobby Perkins’ birthday, so all the Perkins siblings came to hear Kenny preach and met in the basement of the church to celebrate with Bobby and Lori’s son Christopher’s birthday today. All the R.C.’s children were there except Larry, who lives in Florida. Rachel came with her three and there were wives, grandchildren and Rachel’s great-grandchildren. Needless to say the church basement was full, noisy and as family reunions go, this one was a huge success.
Kenneth and Beth are here on a book tour. He has written a book about his missionary “adventures,” Beth has a sadder chore to do while they are stateside. Her father is in a nursing home in Michigan where her brother lives and it is Beth’s job to help clean out his home in Louisville. These jobs always seem to be left to the daughter. It’s not an easy job to make decisions about what can be kept and what must go. Our prayers are with her.
I talked to Fay this morning. She is also in a race to get her cold crops out and put out a bed of strawberry plants. We have gone from too cold and wet to work to racing to get done before summer arrives on Wednesday.
Wanda said she had talked to Billy Ballenger this week. They had been to Alabama on a fishing trip. It was colder there than they had expected and the fish didn’t cooperate down there either.
She said she and Ray did go fishing on Saturday and had much better luck. They ate their “good luck” that night for supper.
Last Monday was Barbara New’s birthday, but after celebrating Easter, she planned to keep her birthday low key.
She had visits from her three children, her mother Joyce and Wanda. Wanda didn’t tell me her age but said she wasn’t quite ready for Medicare yet.
I did not know it, but there is spring turkey hunt season. This weekend was youth weekend.
Jordan Willhoite, Vanessa’s son, tried his luck but the wind blew his prospects away. No turkey for supper.
Next weekend starts the adult season.
Wanda said some of the Whitesburg crowd will be here, which brings up the progress on the “dog house.” They got the water in, the electricity and the septic tank put in this week. Now Bro. Bill can bring his wife here to see what he has been spending his children’s inheritance on. It’s going to be a very nice little hunting shack.
The long awaited “fruit basket turn over“ has happened at the post office.
John Stewart leaves route six to take over route two, Leslie Minch goes full time on route six, which means there is now a need for a new substitute on route one.
Are you following me so far? If anyone is interested in a job delivering the mail as a substitute, Linda Gribben would appreciate the help. She is working more hours that she can handle since Wanda retired.
Wanda said summer was definitely here. She was out working on her lawn mower and found four ticks on her when she came in. I’ve already found one on Dobbs. I will have to put tick and flea prevention on my grocery list this week.