Kay’s Branch News: A bad spring for planting

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By Bee Spicer

I thought summer had finally come, but I’m back in jeans and a sweatshirt this morning. The blackberries are blooming in great clusters, so maybe this will be the last cold snap we’ll have, if you consider 58 degrees a cold snap.
There was a lot of hay cut last week. I went to Frankfort and to church on Sunday and there was rolled hay everywhere. I have yet to see any tobacco planted though. This has been a bad spring for planting.
Billy Ballenger has just gotten his garden planting done last week. He had his patch plowed for some time but it kept raining on it. Bruce and Fay had to replant a lot of their garden. It lies along Cedar Creek and as soon as they leave the area the coons come out and dig up the seed. They caught a big coon in a live trap last week. Farming is not an easy job.
I still have only one humming bird. He comes and feeds in the morning and evening, but so far no one has joined him. I do have a lot of birds though. I was mowing under the maple tree last week and looked up through the leaves and saw three nests. And there are always the nests around and under the back porch built by the barn swallows. Binks sits on the console by my bed and watches them out of my window. He knows he could catch one if he could figure out how to raise the screen.
Wanda said some of her news didn’t make the paper last week. I was sure I mentioned it but I will say again, Brian New had a birthday week before last. He doesn’t take any chances that it will get lost in all the other grandchildren, so he gives himself a party and has a fish fry for all the family. I remember him as a very small child in Monterey, so I won’t say how old he is. She and Ray, along with Jean and Kenny O’Banion and Jean’s granddaughter Desiree attended the graduation of Ray’s nephew Dillon Traylor in Frankfort this weekend.
Afterward, they all went to the Cattleman’s for a small celebration. I mentioned Des’ wedding a few weeks ago. It seems her new husband is a service man and will be stationed in Okinawa. Japan.
Plans are being made, when all the red tape and paperwork is done for her to join him. Des spent a lot of time with Jean and Kenny growing up so she seems like family. I can’t imagine our little Des in Okinawa. The world is getting smaller and smaller.
Ann has had her annual vacation at Pawley’s Island this past week. She got back to Kentucky on Saturday and was at home on Sunday. She said the weather was perfect and all her friends from years past were there. It was a very good week. I have been seeing to her mail and animals while she was gone. They and I are very glad she is home again.
John and Charity went to the mountains of eastern Kentucky this weekend to attend the wedding of her son Jeshua to Mandy Phillips of Frankfort. They got engaged last Christmas, bought a house together and both work in Frankfort. She taught as this little school/chapel when she first got out of college and wanted to marry there. It wasn’t the easiest place to get to and the guest list was limited to family and close friends but John said it turned out to be a lovely wedding and all the guests were impressed with the quaint little chapel and mountain scenery. The weather cooperated and all had a good time. Congratulations to the bride and groom and wishes for a long and happy marriage.
Teri, Ray, Rachel and the kids went to central Indiana this weekend to pick up Vincent for his summer stay with them. He will only stay a month this year. He is growing up and has some things he wants to attend at home in Illinois later this summer. He is getting to be quite the young man now. He was as tall as me when he was here at Christmas. Time has a way of getting away from you. It seems like yesterday that John was his age.
Jean Zeitz was at church Sunday. She said Jessie’s son is turning 6 this week. She also reported that John Zeitz ‘s daughter was getting married in Fla. this month. You may remember John, the Miracle heart patient of several years ago. He had a very bad heart condition and was living on borrowed time. His doctors marveled at his ability to just get through the day. He was on a transplant list but they weren’t sure if he got a heart that he would be able to stand the operation. He did get a heart match, went thru the operation and is alive and well today. He never thought he would live to see his children graduate from high school and he is attending his daughter’s wedding this month. Jean is going with Kirkie, I think. Anyway, she’s making the trip to Florida this month and leaving Gray to fend for himself for a week or so. Happy birthday to Ethan and best wishes to Gray’s niece on her coming marriage.
Monterey Christian Church is having “church in the park” on Saturday evening at 5:00 and there won’t be morning services on Sunday. Sarah wanted to try something new this summer.