Kay’s Branch News: Back to the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

Good morning.
I said I was going to stop writing this column. I just didn’t have anything to say anymore, but several people have called and written to say how much it would be missed, and since I have no excuse except lack of inspiration, which you have now rekindled, I will try again.
This was Derby week in Kentucky. I spent most of it mowing and managed to get all the different patches of grass gone over by the weekend.
John did the weed eating and I “planted” the artificial flowers in a pot around the front of the house. I have long given up trying to keep real flowers alive. I was ready for Derby Day.
I was not alone in my surge of energy.
Mowers were going all over the neighborhood and up and down 127 and parts east and west.
Everybody wanted their property looking especially good for this weekend. Visitors were coming from parts all over the country and staying in hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts all over the Bluegrass to attend the Derby, and we wanted our state to shine.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate, at least in Louisville.
It started to rain early and stayed all day long.
We on the Branch were overcast, cool and windy but not a drop of rain fell till nearly 8 p.m. Bill Meck of Channel 18 weather said he ran out of the rain by the time he reached Gene Snyder Parkway on his way back to Lexington to do the evening news.
But the rain didn’t stop the festivities at Churchill Downs. The crowd was huge as always and the ladies did wear their fancy hats, for at least most of the day. It was truly an all Kentucky Derby this year. The winner was Kentucky bred, the trainer a Kentucky boy and the owners old Kentucky families. The fairy tale really did come true for Sug McCaughey this year. Congratulations on a job well done.
Since I didn’t write last week, I will catch you up on past events.
Gardens were plowed and some got seeds in the ground. Nichole Roberts of Mount Vernon Church went to the state Bible drill last Saturday and came in second in the state. She has put in a lot of hours of preparation. Congratulations to her and all those who helped her.
Fay said they had spent the past couple of weeks fencing, reseeding pastures and moving cattle, besides doing their mowing and gardening.
I know Wanda has spent time on her mower and Bush Hog getting her property spruced up.
Ray Traylor finally got a couple of days of dry weather and got my chimney reflashed and repaired the brickwork. I was glad to get that done. He and Wanda, with several others, went to Six Mile last Friday night to dance.
A friend of Ray’s, Marvin Downey, and his wife were celebrating their anniversary and their daughter’s birthday. Wanda said everybody enjoyed the evening. This weekend they took in the festivities in Frankfort on Friday. Ann was there too. The rain held off and they had a lovely day for it.
Saturday evening, Jean and Kenneth O’Banion’s granddaughter Desiree Dunn was married to Michael Hearn in an outdoor wedding near Glencoe. Rain was threatening, but the wedding and the festivities afterwards stayed dry. Wanda said the rain started as they were driving home.
Ray’s sister Patty was here for the wedding sans granddaughter, so she got to join in the celebrations. She was returning to North Carolina over the weekend.
Rain – it started about 8 p.m. Saturday night and continued as the tempature began to fall. It was still raining on Sunday and didn’t let up till well into the evening on Sunday.
The creeks were up and muddy, but it didn’t rain hard enough to make the Branch come out of it’s banks, just run high all day. It did finally stop – thank the Lord.
This morning, the birds are singing (the barn martins did return on schedule on April 16), the grass is green and you can hear it growing. So as soon as it dries off, it’s back on the lawn mower and starts all over again.
And thus are the days of our lives.